Call For White Days Project

We, as a non-political non-governmental organization, are condemning what is happening in the Middle East, especially in Lebanon. We think that not voicing one’s opinion against cruelty means participating in cruelty. Therefore, we just want to express our grief and sorrow about civilian casualties, especially children. The end to this violence depends on the efforts of everyone in the whole world who respect human beings created by God and their rights to live. With all this in mind, we wish the Dark Days surrounding the Middle East to be enlightened and are thinking of organizing a series of activities.

Below are the activities that we are planning to do under the project called White Days:

1. Between 16 and 21 August 2006, stands will be established in various spots in Istanbul and white ribbons, white plastic bracelets, brochures etc will be given out for free.

2. On August 17-19 2006 white balloons will be thrown up into the sky from a boat on Bosphorus.

3. Posters of White Days project will be posted on billboards and public busses.

4. On August 16, 2006 a group of people including children will march to Lebanese Consulate and leave a big wreath of white flowers.

5. On two very busy streets in Istanbul a big flat with a logo of White Days Project will be posted.

6. On 28 August 2006, a group of young people and children will march to Israeli Consulate for peace in white t-shirts with white balloons and flowers.

We would like to point out the fact that these activities have no political purpose and that they are merely efforts for humanity.We hope that every individual and institution will support White Days Project. You can email us at or fax us at +90 216 359 4092 saying that you support our project with your contact info.

We hope that the dark days surrounding the Middle East will soon be enlightened and that White Days will start.

Yours Sincerely,

Cemalnur Sargut
The President of the Istanbul Branch of Turkish Women’s Cultural Association

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