The Noisy Fall Of The “Invincible”

It is said that during his last days in devastated Berlin, Hitler appointed a new commander of the Luftwaffe. Not only that but he firmly ordered him to bomb the advancing forces from the East & The West. This is assumed to be a historical fact of how a leader can lose touch with reality.

Nobody can contest the fact that Israeli air force dominated the Lebanese skies..
What is contestable is whether the Israeli lad forces could fend an advance on the ground?
Said in short had Hezbollah fighters decided to go into offensive could Israeli forces hold the ground?

If you say “yes” then you have to answer the simple question: “How could they defeat forces fighting in their rear?”

Up to cease fire time Hezbollah fighters were still entrenched near the “Blue Line”. Just go back to the reported news of the fighting to read that Hezbollah fighters were in Maroon Al Rass What good is this assumption? It is to prove that destroying Lebanese towns & bridges does not change facts on the ground.

Israel used its crash troops of “Golany Brigade” but really got stuck on small strip on the border..
Had Hezbollah fighters gone on the offensive its forces could have been fighting in North Galilee. The one time invincible Merkava tank came to its knees. Also other armored vehicles could not protect the infantry they were carrying. Hezbollah fighters turned them into mobile coffins. Except for the airforce, all other “Israeli forces” were failing horribly.

Not to forget that its the first time that one million Israelis had to hide in shelters for one month.

It is not inaccurate to claim that the airforce can cause a lot of material damage but can’t win any war. It is not inaccurate to say that the once “invincible” Israel has fallen under the strikes of Hezbollah.

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  1. Yes I think it is innacurate to say so.While Iran and Syria have cash to pump into Hezbollah, I think Israeli soldiers still have the upperhand with superior training and more advance weaponary.I also believe strongly, very unlike them, that Israel possible did not show a full hand this time around.

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