Israel Releases Hassan Nasrallah After Realizing It Got The Grocer

Come to think of it, this is actually very funny. Of course the guy whose namesake is the leader of Hizbullah might have had a rough time under Israel’s hands…but hey, that might compensate for an hour or two of fame that he must have enjoyed, however briefly :mrgreen:

Israel Releases Hassan Nasrallah after Realizing it Got the Grocer
Beirut, 22 Aug 06, 12:59

Hassan Nasrallah was briefly in Israel’s hands, along with three members of his family and a neighbor. Unfortunately, he was the local green grocer — not the head of Hizbullah.

Israel had snatched the five men on Aug. 1 in a commando raid in the Hizbullah stronghold of Baalbeck in northeastern Lebanon, apparently believing they were related to Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah and could be used to pressure the leader, said Leah Tzemel, the Israeli attorney who obtained their release on Monday.

“He (the grocer) was brought here and interrogated and very quickly they understood that they were taken for no reason,” Tzemel said. “Then they (the Israeli authorities) just put them in jail and held them.”

The Israeli military had no immediate comment.

The Nasrallahs told Tzemel that 24 hours of questioning exclusively focused on any relation they might have to Sayyed Nasrallah. But Tzemel said it became clear to the Israeli security services that the five have no political or religious ties and are not related to the Hizbullah secretary general, who hails from the southern Lebanese village of Bazourieh.

In an appeal early Monday to Israel’s Supreme Court, Tzemel said she argued that the Nasrallahs were being held “hostage to be used as a bargaining chip for negotiations.”

By Monday afternoon, the men were driven to the Israel-Lebanon border and returned home from the Fatima Gate, she said.

In all, 15 people were killed in fighting in the Baalbeck area the night of the raid.

Two days after the incident, Nasrallah summed up the case with two words: “Wrong identity.” (AP-Naharnet)

AFP photo shows Hassan Nasrallah being hugged by members of his family after his return home.

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