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  1. Jews in the U.S. are afraid of being ostarcized for this most unpopular position. It can divide congregations so vehement is the position of those who support Israel. Many of our Jewish and non-Jewish elected leaders, in private, suppotr Palestine, but fear retribution from AIPAC. They fear they will lose their seat to an AIPAC supported candidate in future elections.

    There is a lot to be said for term limits in light of this last statement. I would hate to think this would have to continue until each individual “leader” decided they no longer wanted to be in public office.

    Sadly, that shows the utter LACK of leadership these people exhibit. If tey confronted AIPAC openly, as the rep from Minnesota did, they would have no problems, unless of course they are doing something wrong, in which case they shouldn’t be in office anyway. Good riddance.

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