Even Jewish Rabbis Have A Sense Of Humour

We don’t usually post this, but here is a clip of Jewish rabbis calling each other while waiting for fish. Even Jewish rabbis have a sense of humour after all. It should be noted that we have nothing against Jews and those of the Jewish faith; our beef is with the Zionists and Zionism. We believe that Zionism should be wiped off the planet as it is an apostasy against Judaism and a crime against humanity.


  1. Zionism IS part of Judaism. Obviously you know nothing about Judaism. It is in our prayers three times a day. It is in the prayers we say after eating.

    Israel belongs to the Jews, and always has, go ahead and read the bible.

    [Admin — Zionism is a recent secular innovation in the early 20th century. Theodor Hertzl its founder was an atheist, not a Jew practicing Judaism.

    And as for the last paragraph, we dont see how recent European immigrants to the land have any right to Palestine, whether it is in the Bible or otherwise.]

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