Palestine: Music Of The Intifada

Palestine: Music of the Intifada (1989). Full .mp3 album, list of songs are as follows. All songs are in Arabic.

01 Sabaya Al Intifada – Min Al Mukhayyam Toulad Al Ru’aya
02 In A’d Rifaki – Al Raba’yye
03 In A’d Rifaki – Al Kassam Al Filistini
04 Al-Amal Ashabi – Jirah Lan Tamout
05 Abnaa El-Balad – Ajrass Al Intisar
06 Palestinian Student Karmel Group – Al Intifada Was Jabal Al Thawra
07 In A’d Rifaki – Kulluna Fil Tareeq
08 Palestinian Student Karmel Group – Watani Laysa Hakiba
09 Muhiddine Al Bagdadi – Al Fajir
10 Sabaya Al Intifada – Jabal Al Zaytoun
11 Al-Amal Ashabi – Bism Ilhurriya
12 Sabaya Al Intifada – Ummi Al Habiba
13 Muhiddine Al Bagdadi – Al Hegran
14 In A’d Rifaki – In A’d Rifaki

To download the album, get the torrent here [requires a Bittorrent client]

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