What Hitler’s SS Used To Do


Al Jazeera reported that:

An Israeli missile has destroyed the home of a senior Hamas commander in the Gaza Strip, causing no casualties, Palestinian witnesses said.

The witnesses said the family had evacuated the building, in the town of Khan Yunus, after they were told by telephone to flee minutes before the attack on Friday.

The Israeli army spokeswoman confirmed the military had telephoned them. She said the target was a warehouse used to store weapons. Israel has often accused Palestinians of hiding such facilities inside their homes.

Collective punishment — if you dare to struggle against the Nazis or Israelis, your family would be punished. Proof, evidence in due process or legality isnot required, just the way Hitler’s stormtroopers operated.

Use of disproportionate force? Haven’t you heard the arrogant assertion of Dan Gillerman, Israeli ambassador at the UN, regarding Israeli devastating destruction of Lebanon? He said: “You’re damn right we used disproportionate force!”

Fairness? Hey, we are talking about Nazis and Israelis!

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