Ethiopian-Israelis Protest Over Alleged Discrimination

First they want to throw out all the Arabs, now they want to throw out all the Ethopian Jews. Was there any doubt that Israel as a State is inherently racist?

Ethiopian-Israelis Protest Over Alleged Discrimination
By Associated Press
November 7, 2006

JERUSALEM — Hundreds of Israelis of Ethiopian descent clashed with police and briefly blocked a main road leading into Jerusalem yesterday in a protest of the Health Ministry’s wholesale discarding of donated Ethiopian blood.

Police said four officers were hurt.

Last week, Israel’s Channel 2 TV reported that the ministry had revived its practice of throwing out the Ethiopian-Israelis’ blood for fear it would be contaminated with disease. A similar disclosure a decade ago sparked protests and widespread outrage in a community that has long complained of racial discrimination.

“We are healthy people, like everyone else,” 24-year-old Galit Maarat, who traveled to the demonstration from the southern city of Ashkelon, said. “It’s unjust, a terrible affront.”

Takelu Yayech, 25, who also traveled from Ashkelon, said demonstrators formed a human chain and sat down in the road at the entrance to Jerusalem to protest what she called racist policies.

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