Jimmy Carter, “Palestine Peace Not Apartheid”

Palestine Peace Not Apartheid

Following his #1 New York Times bestseller, Our Endangered Values, the former president, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, offers an assessment of what must be done to bring permanent peace to Israel with dignity and justice to Palestine in his latest work, “Palestine Peace Not Apartheid“.

President Carter, who was able to negotiate peace between Israel and Egypt, has remained deeply involved in Middle East affairs since leaving the White House. He has stayed in touch with the major players from all sides in the conflict and has made numerous trips to the Holy Land, most recently as an observer in the Palestinian elections of 2005 and 2006.

In this book President Carter shares his intimate knowledge of the history of the Middle East and his personal experiences with the principal actors, and he addresses sensitive political issues many American officials avoid. Pulling no punches, Carter prescribes steps that must be taken for the two states to share the Holy Land without a system of apartheid or the constant fear of terrorism.

Below some of Carter’s key statements are reproduced.

Most Arab regimes have accepted the permanent existence of Israel as an indisputable fact and are no longer calling for an end to the State of Israel, having contrived a common statement at an Arab summit in 2002 that offers peace and normal relations with Israel within its acknowledged international borders and in compliance with other U.N. Security Council resolutions. (p. 14)

Since 1924, Shebaa Farms has been treated as Lebanese territory, but Syria seized the area in the 1950s and retained control until Israel occupied the Farms–along with the Golan Heights–in 1967. The inhabitants and properties were Lebanese, and Lebanon has never accepted Syria’s control of the Farms. Although Syria has claimed the area in the past, Syrian officials now state that it is part of Lebanon. This position supports the Arab claim that Israel still occupies Lebanese territory. (pp. 98-9)

The best offer to the Palestinians [at Camp David in December 2000]–by Clinton, not Barak–had been to withdraw 20 percent of the settlers, leaving more than 180,000 in 209 settlements, covering about 10 percent of the occupied land, including land to be “leased” and portions of the Jordan River valley and East Jerusalem.

The percentage figure is misleading, since it usually includes only the actual footprints of the settlements. There is a zone with a radius of about four hundred meters around each settlement within which Palestinians cannot enter. In addition, there are other large areas that would have been taken or earmarked to be used exclusively by Israel, roadways that connect the settlements to one another and to Jerusalem, and “life arteries” that provide the settlers with water, sewage, electricity, and communications. These range in width from five hundred to four thousand meters, and Palestinians cannot use or cross many of these connecting links. This honeycomb of settlements and their interconnecting conduits effectively divide the West Bank into at least two noncontiguous areas and multiple fragments, often uninhabitable or even unreachable, and control of the Jordan Valley denies Palestinians any direct access eastward into Jordan. About one hundred military checkpoints completely surround Palestinians and block routes going into or between Palestinian communities, combined with an unaccountable number of other roads that are permanently closed with large concrete cubes or mounds of earth and rocks.

There was no possibility that any Palestinian leader could accept such terms and survive, but official statements from Washington and Jerusalem were successful in placing the entire onus for the failure on Yasir Arafat. (pp. 151-2)

A new round of talks was held at Taba in January 2001, during the last few days of the Clinton presidency, between President Arafat and the Israeli foreign minister, and it was later claimed that the Palestinians rejected a “generous offer” put forward by Prime Minister Barak with Israel keeping only 5 percent of the West Bank. The fact is that no such offers were ever made. Barak later said, “It was plain to me that there was no chance of reaching a settlement at Taba. Therefore I said there would be no negotiations and there would be no delegation and there would be no official discussions and no documentation. Nor would Americans be present in the room. The only thing that took place at Taba were nonbinding contacts between senior Israelis and senior Palestinians. (p. 152)

In April 2003 a “Roadmap” for resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was announced by U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan on behalf of the United States, the United Nations, Russia, and the European Union (known as the Quartet).The Palestinians accepted the road map in its entirety but the Israeli government announced fourteen caveats and prerequisites, some of which would preclude any final peace talks. (p. 159)

“Imprisonment wall” is more descriptive than “security fence.”
(p. 174)

Gaza has maintained a population growth rate of 4.7 percent annually, one of the highest in the world, so more than half its people are less than fifteen years old. They are being strangled since the Israeli “withdrawal,” surrounded by a separation barrier that is penetrated only by Israeli-controlled checkpoints, with just a single opening (for personnel only) into Egypt’s Sinai as their access to the outside world. There have been no moves by Israel to permit transportation by sea or by air. Fishermen are not permitted to leave the harbor, workers are prevented from going to outside jobs, the import or export of food and other goods is severely restricted and often cut off completely, and the police, teachers, nurses, and social workers are deprived of salaries. Per capita income has decreased 40 percent during the last three years, and the poverty rate has reached 70 percent. The U.N. Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food has stated that acute malnutrition in Gaza is already on the same scale as that seen in the poorer countries of the Southern Sahara, with more than half of Palestinian families eating only one meal a day. (p. 176)

The area between the segregation barrier and the Israeli border has been designated a closed military region for an indefinite period of time. Israeli directives state that every Palestinian over the age of twelve living in the closed area has to obtain a “permanent resident permit” from the civil administration to enable them to continue to live in their own homes. They are considered to be aliens, without the rights of Israeli citizens.

To summarize: whatever territory Israel decides to confiscate will be on its side of the wall, but Israelis will still retain control of the Palestinians who will be on the other side of the barrier, enclosed between it and Israel’s forces in the Jordan River valley. (pp. 192-3)

The wall ravages many places along its devious route that are important to Christians. In addition to enclosing Bethlehem in one of its most notable intrusions, an especially heartbreaking division is on the southern slope of the Mount of Olives, a favorite place for Jesus and his disciples, and very near Bethany, where they often visited Mary, Martha, and their brother, Lazarus. There is a church named for one of the sisters, Santa Marta Monastery, where Israel’s thirty-foot concrete wall cuts through the property. The house of worship is now on the Jerusalem side, and its parishioners are separated from it because they cannot get permits to enter Jerusalem. Its priest, Father Claudio Ghilardi, says, “For nine hundred years we have lived here under Turkish, British, Jordanian, and Israeli governments, and no one has ever stopped people coming to pray. It is scandalous. This is not about a barrier. It is a border. Why don’t they speak the truth?”

Countering Israeli arguments that the wall is to keep Palestinian suicide bombers from Israel, Father Claudio adds a comment that describes the path of the entire barrier: “The Wall is not separating Palestinians from Jews; rather Palestinians from Palestinians.” Nearby are three convents that will also be cut off from the people they serve. The 2,000 Palestinian Christians have lost their place of worship and their spiritual center. (pp. 194-5)

International human rights organizations estimate that since 1967 more than 630,000 Palestinians (about 20 percent of the total population) in the occupied territories have been detained at some time by the Israelis, arousing deep resentment among the families involved. Although the vast majority of prisoners are men, there are a large number of women and children being held. Between the ages of twelve and fourteen, children can be sentenced for a period of up to six months, and after the age of fourteen Palestinian children are tried as adults, a violation of international law. (pp. 196-7)

The unwavering official policy of the United States since Israel became a state has been that its borders must coincide with those prevailing from 1949 until 1967 (unless modified by mutually agreeable land swaps), specified in the unanimously adopted U.N. Resolution 242, which mandates Israel’s withdrawal from occupied territories. This obligation was reconfirmed by Israel’s leaders in agreements negotiated in 1978 at Camp David and in 1993 at Oslo, for which they received the Nobel Peace Prize, and both of these commitments were officially ratified by the Israeli government. Also, as a member of the International Quartet that includes Russia, the United Nations, and the European Union, America supports the Roadmap for Peace, which espouses exactly the same requirements. Palestinian leaders unequivocally accepted this proposal, but Israel has officially rejected its key provisions with unacceptable caveats and prerequisites.
The overriding problem is that, for more than a quarter century, the actions of some Israeli leaders have been in direct conflict with the official policies of the United States, the international community, and their own negotiated agreements.Israel’s continued control and colonization of Palestinian land have been the primary obstacles to a comprehensive peace agreement in the Holy Land. In order to perpetuate the occupation, Israeli forces have deprived their unwilling subjects of basic human rights. No objective person could personally observe existing conditions in the West Bank and dispute these statements.
(pp. 207-9)

The United States has used its U.N. Security Council veto more than forty times to block resolutions critical of Israel. Some of these vetoes have brought international discredit on the United States, and there is little doubt that the lack of a persistent effort to resolve the Palestinian issue is a major source of anti-American sentiment and terrorist activity throughout the Middle East and the Islamic world. (pp. 209-10)

The bottom line is this: Peace will come to Israel and the Middle East only when the Israeli government is willing to comply with international law, with the Roadmap for Peace, with official American policy, with the wishes of a majority of its own citizens–and honors its own previous commitments–by accepting its legal borders. All Arab neighbors must pledge to honor Israel’s right to live in peace under these conditions. The United States is squandering international prestige and goodwill and intensifying global anti-American terrorism by unofficially condoning or abetting the Israeli confiscation and colonization of Palestinian territories. (p. 216)

The general parameters of a long-term, two-state agreement are well known, the president writes. There will be no substantive and permanent peace for any peoples in this troubled region as long as Israel is violating key U.N. resolutions, official American policy, and the international “road map” for peace by occupying Arab lands and oppressing the Palestinians. Except for mutually agreeable negotiated modifications, Israel’s official pre-1967 borders must be honored. As were all previous administrations since the founding of Israel, U.S. government leaders must be in the forefront of achieving this long-delayed goal of a just agreement that both sides can honor.

Palestine Peace Not Apartheid is a challenging, provocative, and courageous book.


  1. Jimmy Carter, without a doubt one of the worst Presidents of the 20th Century (and possibly one of the worst Presidents ever)has mostly negative opinions about Israel. I ask, “who the hell cares what Jimmy Carter thinks about Israel?”

    Here’s a man with a much elevated opinion about himself who needs to get off his high horse and shut up. Basically, his Israel bashing book can be refuted, nearly paragraph for paragraph.

    Jimmy Carter, go back to Georgia and stay there!!

    [Admin: Looks like you have nothing better to say apart from ad hominem and poisoning the well.]

  2. Here is my idea for a resolution. After growing up and living with Three Generations of Peace, it is my bet that no one will want to go back to how life is today. So my modest proposal is:

    “Three Generations of Peace”
    -apartheid state is dismantled
    -funding to Palestinian government is restored
    -fragmentation of Palestinian land is reversed
    -if land/settlement questions cannot be agreed upon through compromise, divide interests 50-50, with defragmentation of land a priority.
    -each side deals with ANY infractions, lethally if necessary
    -any failure to enforce strict peace can be construed as an act of war; all efforts of the best diplomatic minds on boths sides will be directed toward avoiding this

    [The Israeli ex-soldiers who I met backpacking seemed to want a continuation of the current order as much as the Palestinian activists I have met on campuses. It seems it is only the extremist leaderships who refuse peace.]

  3. I am suprised about the response of Joelsk it seems his response was only criticizem of last centurey president performance.
    The key issue is to respond to the facts that Mr. Carter lays out clearly without baias in his book.

    How can you respond to the hundreds of kidnapped palestinian kids by the israeli army.

    please don’t attack the messenger , but the message .

    Thank you Mr. Carter for your work and courage.

  4. A great and informative book – not perfect and not the book that I might have written. He bends over backward to be fair to Israel BUT to stick to the facts he has to use the word Apartheid.
    The main thing about the book is that the 40% of the American people who now believe that Israel was one of the invisible hands (not the only one, to be sure) behind the war on Iraq can get a look at what Israel is all about.
    The book should be greater by far in its impact than the Mearsheimer and Walt paper.
    And Carter is quite courageous to do this for he will surely be villified for it (Alan Dershowitz is already busy at that) or perhaps be turned into a non-person. Although the book is already on the NYT best seller list, it was not revued in the NYT or any other major paper as far as I can tell. It has now been out for almost two weeks!!
    Read it, give it as a Christmas gift and talk it up.

  5. I just now finished a post to my LiveJournal titled “Imagine every red-neck and cracker chuckin’ shit at once”. That’s the reaction I expect.

    As though a cartoonist drew a barbed panel concerning the Prophet Mohammud (may peace be with all people of good-will).

    I added this bit to give it some immediacy: “Today, to furor, the Federal Parliament of Canada adopted a motion that acknowledged the Quebecois as a nation within Canada. (NB: Not “Quebecers”, as even the Bloc Quebecois phrased it, but Quebecois i.e. the french-Canadians of Quebec. And it shurr as shiet ain’t Kweebeckers!”

    Let us reason about facts and actulities, in comfort, while the dogs howl and gnash their teeth outside the tent we share.

    “Generosity is the virtue that harvests peace” … never otherwise.



  6. This book is a flagrant act of antisemitism, and anyone who actually believes israel doesnt wnat peace, or the fact that israel is an apartheid state, if a racist. They only reason that parts of the security fence are made of wall is because they are in areas that were shot with sniper fire onto israeli territory. Get your facts straight people.

  7. You have to be kidding me? Anyone who studies history would know that there has never ever been a self governing nation called ‘palestine’. There is no language
    called ‘palestinian’, and in fact there is no letter ‘P’ in Arabic so it’s even incorrectly pronounced ‘falistin’. The fact simply is that there are no ‘palestinians.’ These people are Arabs like all other Arabs. Israel did not go to war against a ‘palestinian state’ and occupy its land. Rather, Israel was attacked by six Arab countries at once. She defended herself, defeated her attackers, and won the so-called territories, not from the ‘palestinians’, but from Jordan and Egypt. Jerusalem was never the capital of any state but Israel. It was certainly never the capital of a country that never existed. When ‘palestinians’ want to try to claim it has been thier capital since ancient times, they speak in half-truths: It was the captital of Palestina the name the Romans gave Israel after they sacked it and carried away half the Jews back to Rome. They named it Palestina as a direct insult to the Jews in honor of the name Philistina. But the Philistines were Greek not Arab! Getting back to the capital of the Roman Palestina, the Romans changed name it from Jerusalem to Aelia Capitolina.
    Most Arabs living in ‘palestine’ today are not indigenous to the region. It was not until after the Jews had changed deserts and swamps into a productive and thriving land that the Arabs started migrating there. Even the late un great Arafat himself was born and raised in Cairo, Egypt. Did you know that?
    Carter’s book is an insult plain and simple, to compare Israel defending it’s right to exist to South African apartied is ridculious!

  8. Jimmy Carter is doing a great disservice to peace between Israel and the Palestinians. The title of this book is very inflamatory. I heard Carter last night on Larry King Live. He states that the book title only refers to the occupied territories, post ’67. Yet he smirked that the title was controvertial. Yes, because the definition of Palestine is NOT the occupied territories. The definition of historic Palestine is the entire biblical land of Israel. Therefore, Carter has defamed Israel as an apartheid country.
    With regard to the occupied territories, it must be stated that 242 clearly states that resolution of the conflict will involve an Isreali retreat to secure and recognized borders. Carter knows that this is not equivalent to the ’67 borders, which had the center of Israel only 10 miles wide and much of the country volnerable. Carter is also aware of truly generous offers to return almost all lands in the occupied territories, with the notable exception of the Jewish and Armenian quarters of the old city. Does anyone think that Arafat’s primary objection was not getting these two quarters back!? His primary objection was that he would absolutely not give up the “right of return” of Palestinian refugees to the pre-67 territory of Israel proper. Why? Because the strategic objective of much of the Arab world today remains the two stage destruction of Israel. A) By obtaining the West Bank and Gaza with dubious agreements. B) Creating a 5th collumn of a large, overwhelming Arab population within Israel to undermine this democracy and introduce ONE muslim Palestinian state over all of Palestine.

    Golda Meir said it best when she stated that the Palestinians will have peace when they love their own children more than they hate Israel.

    Look at the violence in the Arab world. Muslims are destroying Christian communities throughout the world. Muslims are torturing each other in Iraq. Can anyone believe that they will treat Israelis like anything other than sub-humans, once they gain control. Muslim society has to evolve in ways that do not exist today, before they become a part of the modern world. Europe had much to be ashamed of 50 years ago, but it has evolved tremendously from the horror years. The muslim world has far to go.


  9. I’d like to directly post a letter by Alan Dershowitz on the subject of Carter’s book.
    “I like Jimmy Carter. I have known him since he began his run for president in early 1976. I worked hard for his election, and I have admired the work of the Carter Center throughout the world. That’s why it troubles me so much that this decent man has written such an indecent book about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

    His bias against Israel shows by his selection of the book’s title: “Palestine: Peace not Apartheid.” The suggestion that without peace Israel is an apartheid state analogous to South Africa is simply wrong. The basic evil of South African apartheid, against which I and so many other Jews fought, was the absolute control over a majority of blacks by a small minority of whites. It was the opposite of democracy. In Israel majority rules; it is a vibrant secular democracy, which just today recognized gay marriages performed abroad. Arabs serve in the Knesset, on the Supreme Court and get to vote for their representatives, many of whom strongly oppose Israeli policies. Israel has repeatedly offered to end its occupation of areas it captured in a defensive war in exchange for peace and full recognition. The reality is that other Arab and Muslim nations do in fact practice apartheid. In Jordan, no Jew can be a citizen or own land. The same is true in Saudi Arabia, which has separate roads for Muslims and non-Muslims. Even in the Palestinian authority, the increasing influence of Hamas threatens to create Islamic hegemony over non-Muslims. Arab Christians are leaving in droves.

    Why then would Jimmy Carter invoke the concept of apartheid in his attack on Israel? Even he acknowledges–though he buries this toward the end of his book–that what is going on in Israel today “is unlike that in South Africa–not racism, but the acquisition of land.” But Israel’s motive for holding on to this land is the prevention of terrorism. It has repeatedly offered to exchange land for peace and did so in Gaza and southern Lebanon only to have the returned land used for terrorism, kidnappings and rocket launchings.

    I don’t know why Jimmy Carter, who is generally a careful man, allowed so many errors and omissions to blemish his book. Here are simply a few of the most egregious.

    • Carter emphasizes that “Christian and Muslim Arabs had continued to live in this same land since Roman times,” but he ignores the fact that Jews have lived in Hebron, Tzfat, Jerusalem, and other cities for even longer. Nor does he discuss the expulsion of hundreds of thousands of Jews from Arab countries since 1948.
    • Carter repeatedly claims that the Palestinians have long supported a two-state solution and the Israelis have always opposed it. Yet he makes no mention of the fact that in 1938 the Peel Commission proposed a two-state solution with Israel receiving a mere sliver of its ancient homeland and the Palestinians receiving the bulk of the land. The Jews accepted and the Palestinians rejected this proposal, because Arab leaders cared more about there being no Jewish state on Muslim holy land than about having a Palestinian state of their own.

    • He barely mentions Israel’s acceptance, and the Palestinian rejection, of the U.N.’s division of the mandate in 1948.

    • He claims that in 1967 Israel launched a preemptive attack against Jordan. The fact is that Jordan attacked Israel first, Israel tried desperately to persuade Jordan to remain out of the war, and Israel counterattacked after the Jordanian army surrounded Jerusalem, firing missiles into the center of the city. Only then did Israel capture the West Bank, which it was willing to return in exchange for peace and recognition from Jordan.

    • Carter repeatedly mentions Security Council Resolution 242, which called for return of captured territories in exchange for peace, recognition and secure boundaries, but he ignores the fact that Israel accepted and all the Arab nations and the Palestinians rejected this resolution. The Arabs met in Khartum and issued their three famous “no’s”: “No peace, no recognition, no negotiation” but you wouldn’t know that from reading the history according to Carter.

    • Carter faults Israel for its “air strike that destroyed an Iraqi nuclear reactor” without mentioning that Iraq had threatened to attack Israel with nuclear weapons if they succeeded in building a bomb.

    • Carter faults Israel for its administration of Christian and Muslim religious sites, when in fact Israel is scrupulous about ensuring every religion the right to worship as they please–consistant, of course, with security needs. He fails to mention that between 1948 and 1967, when Jordan occupied the West Bank and East Jerusalem, the Hashemites destroyed and desecrated Jewish religious sites and prevented Jews from praying at the Western Wall. He also never mentions Egypt’s brutal occupation of Gaza between 1949 and 1967.

    • Carter blames Israel, and exonerates Arafat, for the Palestinian refusal to accept statehood on 95% of the West Bank and all of Gaza pursuant to the Clinton-Barak offers of Camp David and Taba in 2000-2001. He accepts the Palestinian revisionist history, rejects the eye-witness accounts of President Clinton and Dennis Ross and ignores Saudi Prince Bandar’s accusation that Arafat’s rejection of the proposal was “a crime” and that Arafat’s account “was not truthful”–except, apparently, to Carter. The fact that Carter chooses to believe Yasir Arafat over Bill Clinton speaks volumes.

    • Carter’s description of the recent Lebanon war is misleading. He begins by asserting that Hezbollah captured two Israeli soldiers. “Captured” suggest a military apprehension subject to the usual prisoner of war status. The soldiers were kidnapped, and have not been heard from–not even a sign of life. The rocket attacks that preceded Israel’s invasion are largely ignored, as is the fact that Hezbollah fired its rockets from civilian population centers.

    • Carter gives virtually no credit to Israel’s superb legal system, falsely asserting (without any citation) that “confessions extracted through torture are admissible in Israeli courts,” that prisoners are “executed” and that the “accusers” act “as judges.” Even Israel’s most severe critics acknowledge the fairness of the Israeli Supreme Court, but not Carter.

    • Carter even blames Israel for the “exodus of Christians from the Holy Land,” totally ignoring the Islamization of the area by Hamas and the comparable exodus of Christian Arabs from Lebanon as a result of the increasing influence of Hezbollah and the repeated assassination of Christian leaders by Syria.

    • Carter also blames every American administration but his own for the Mideast stalemate with particular emphasis on “a submissive White House and U.S. Congress in recent years.” He employs hyperbole and overstatement when he says that “dialogue on controversial issues is a privilege to be extended only as a reward for subservient behavior and withheld from those who reject U.S. demands.” He confuses terrorist states, such as Iran and Syria to which we do not extend dialogue, with states with whom we strongly disagree, such as France and China, with whom we have constant dialogue.

    I hope President Carter will seriously consider addressing these omissions and mistakes. He begins his book tour soon and he will have an opportunity to correct the record.”

  10. Man, I can’t believe some of these posts! “ISRAEL HAS THE RIGHT TO DEFEND ITSELF”, “anyone who believes Israel doesn’t want peace is a racist”….. whatever!!! When did President Carter say anything to the contrary?

    Seems whenever you criticize the policies of the Israeli GOVERNMENT, you are an anit-semitic racist!! He just pointed out the REAL reasons why there is no peace in Israel/Palestine. His book is a factbook of the Israeli-Palestinian issue. It’s so unfortunate that the powers that be control the US Government, media and, consequently, the minds of every American, by not telling these honest, real, factual TRUTHS that President Carter dared to put out in his book.

    What does he have to gain by being anti-Israeli? Money, fame, prestige all are there for the pro-Israelis. But he is an honest man, and tells it like it is, as much as some of us want to suppress these vital facts from coming out. And don’t forget, he brokered peace btween Israel and Egypt which stands to this day and he has thus played a mammoth role in making possible Israel’s very existence till this day. Do you even know how big Egypt is? And how powerful militarily now? If Hezbullah could do what it did, imagine what Egypt would do? So Israel owes much to President Carter!!

    As for our media, it’s not the common man’s fault to be mislead by the media because, in a fair and free society (which we are in all other aspects), the media is trusted because the assumption is it will tell it like it is. In the Israeli-Palestian case, unfortunately, the media never tells us like it is, rather, it tells us as is dictated by AIPAC, Evangelicals (led by Haggard), newcons (led by the likes of DeLay and Foley) and leading Islamophobes (Emerson, Pipes, et al). But some day, America will go back to its roots of liberty and justice. I hope it’s in my life time.

  11. It is unfortunate that some people try to use the term antisemitism and the likes to hijack any objective discussion. Stop the fallacies of attacking the person and attack what Carter is stating based on his observation.

    Mike so you believe in the walls as a means of peace that brings the troubles that engulf us all even down in Africa. Have you taken a break to ask why are snippers? What is happening is Israel’s policies is breeding so much hatred. You don’t have to antisemitic before you see the truth. Stop the propaganda and lets all discuss the issue objectively.

    Joelsk, so you call this inhumane acts as defense of the people of Israel. Today you have the weapons of destruction, what about tomorrow. Technology grows and time will tell. Peace to you all!

  12. Why is it that anytime the actions of Israel are questioned those questions are called antisemitic? Israel is a nation composed on humans even though they are chosen humans. Humans are by and large make mistakes. If we didn’t then our world would be a much better place. Palistine is also a nation composed of humans. Ex President Carter has made sure to point out in his book as well as in his interviews that the actions he is addressing are actions taken by a minority group in Israel. Does the book have mistakes in it? Probably. However Ex President Carter has a long track record of working successfully towards peaceful resolutions of conflict. As such I think he may have an important voice to add to our conversation about what is going on in the Middle East. As long as we are talking we aren’t killing each other. 🙂


  13. In which book of history did you read that there was ever a state called Israel???
    only stupid poeple like yourself justify the killing of palestinians by israel because there was never state of palestine.

  14. Some guy who studies history,

    I’m wondering if you could provide a little more information concerning where Israel the state came from? I understand that it is referred to in the bible, but I’m wondering when the boundery lines where drawn as they were before Israel was attacked.


  15. Gerry,

    Thank you for posting that letter. I think it would be nice to have some answers to these questions as well.


  16. They are out again. The crazies and the ignorants These people don’t even understand sallam and shallom are two phrases that have similar meaning. Peace it is to the Arabs (sallam) and Peace it is to the Jews (Shallom). Some people want us to believe that the holocaust is a myth, but to me it is a reality. A reality that is alive on the streets of Gaza today as it was in Nazi concentration camps. Brand me a terrorist or a anarchist but we can’t pretend that American tax payers money is being used in supplying Israel with an assortment of weapons of mass destruction. The end result is an attempt to exterminate the Arab population in Palestine. I speak as a man raised by a Christian father and a moslem mother. I have read the Bible, the Quoran and the Torah. I will objectively speak to the American people. The Bush government inaction in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the basis of the current growing terrorist activities around the world. I wonder what Americans will do if Mexicans invaded the American soil and take contol of all the infrasture, all the jobs and even water we drink. They will certainly be a high level of resistance which Hamas and Islamic Jihad among others are doing but in the eyes of George Bush and Olmert these are terrorist organizations. Dr. Rantizi was slaughtered and Arafat might have been poisoned when Israel placed him in a cage. But who seems to care about poor brown people or black people among those in power in America? Very few indeed and to those few, I say thankyou. To Jimmy Carter I say thankyou. Without their effort I wouldn’t ever be able to take my son out for a decent meal in a restaurant and probably I might not even be able to have a job outside of being a house help or a very under paid farm hand. When we say never again. I want us to mean it rather revising history.

  17. Carter’s book provides nothing new to the israeli-palestinian conflict. The human rights violations committed by Israeli citizens and military alike are already very well documented. While some may argue otherwise, making this information more public changes absolutely nothing, and will not make a difference to anyone involved with policy-making in the United States. The fact is that Israel serves a purpose in protecting America’s interest’s in the Middle East and America will continue to support Israel so long as we are invested in the region. If you’re serious about bringing an end the plight of the Palestinian people then your time would be better spent in campaigning for research in alternative/renewable energy. Once we end our addiction to oil, we’ll be in a position where we won’t have to veto every UN resolution condemning Israel for human rights violations and then this debate will have some meaning.

  18. 1st of all let me say I value human life both Israelis and Arabs who call themselves ‘palestinians’. Yes Israel is biblical and has been the biblical home land of sons of Jacob. We could fill this entire discussion with Israel’s history and who had control of it at different points in History. There has always been a Jewish presence in Israel, no one can deny that.The name Israel can be found in Egyptian hieroglyphs. But where are ‘palestinian’ stelae? Where is the great art and ancient architecture? Standing stones can be found through-out Israel in memorial to the Jewish Nation. Of course you will argue that Israel didn’t become an Independant Nation until 1948. But I say that regardless of the many conquer’s it’s had Israel has always been Israel. You ask where do I get my information? Well from non-liberal, non-partisan historians and from reading what other people had to say. And in recent times reading and listening from people like Walid Shoebat, Salma Abdallah, Zachariah Anan, and Bridgette Gabriel to name a few. If you notice all of those I mentioned are Arab! Shoebat is a former ‘PLO’ terrorist and is outspoken about the myth called ‘palestine’ http://www.shoebat.com/index.php

  19. Me,

    In answer to your question, King David established the Judean kingdom stretching across the approximate border of present day Palestine-Israel. Within the next 1-2 hundred years the kingdom divided into a northern kingdom, known as Israel and the southern kingdom, still known as Judea. Both kingdoms were Jewish kingdoms and eventually lost them to the Persians. Really, a name is just a name. These were both Jewish kingdoms, as was the re-established kingdom, after the Jews regained control of the land from the Greeks-Assyrians.

    On a few other issues, not from your post, anti-semitism (anti-Jewish being the common meaning of the word) is real. No one other than propagandists and those who want to be taken in by propaganda, can equate Nazism and the Holocaust to the situation in the occupied territories. If Israel wanted to, all Arabs could have been butchered years ago. Israel is a nuclear power and could have gotten away with such brutality. But, Israel is not Nazi Germany, which systematically tortured and exterminated 6 million men, women and children, roughly 33% of the world Jewish population. FYI, the Arab regimes supported Nazi Germany.

    People often neglect to mention that Arab regimes also created a large Jewish refugee situation (such as in Iraq, Yemen, Morrocco and Egypt), forcing Jews to leave for Israel in 1949. There are as many Jewish refugees and Arab refugees.
    The Arab world really needs to take a good look in the mirror and face the reality that they have been neglecting the education and welfare of their people, too filled with hate and superstition.

    Suprising, no one on this site has mentioned the total denigration of women in Moslim society. You may say that women are more respected, but respect requires equal rights to education, life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


  20. I am a Palestinian.I am no longer living in area.I half to tanks g-d I escape from
    the terrorist regime that tricks the world today and yesterday.I am knowing that
    from that place I have no free will to say the truth.They would take me in the night
    if I say any bad ting about Palestinian leader.This people make the world on purpose
    think that Israel is bad,but this is not true.They lie to the people,and say that Jewish
    drink blood of muslim like cola.The palestinian shoot on Israel to make them mad to attack back to us.Than the Palestinian scream to the world to make Israeli look like
    bad people.This is nit the true.Israel help as much as possible,but must protect
    thare Israeli people from suicide terror and killing.Palestinian people are suffer very
    much,but that suffer is not fault of Israel,is fault of bad Palestinian people.Not all
    people,but few who are terror,and make scared little children to believe lies.
    Please save the Palestinian people,they have no choise but to acept this cindition
    and forced to hate jewish.I sorry for jewish people whose die.

  21. Dear Ahmad,

    Thank you for your sincerely and heartfelt thoughts. I wish the best for you and your family. I hope you gain much happiness in your new home and country. Thank you for your honesty about what you have seen first hand, living under oppressive regimes, and for not being duped by Arab propaganda. More people need to hear what you are saying.

    Thanks again,


  22. Re: Someone who (did not) study hisotry

    Briefly, I feel sorry you wasted your money getting a degree if that’s how you reason. There’s no ‘P’ in Arabic? Ture, but what does that have to do with Palestine? It’s called “Falasteen” in Arabic. Haven’t learned that each language may pronounce the name of a country differently? Don’t waste your money, you can get that knowledge at a public library… for free.

    Re: History guy in response

    So you’re suggesting that Britons have the right to take US land simply because they once lived here?

    Re: “Ahmad” (note the quotation)

    First of all, if you were truly Palestinian, you would not write what you wrote. If you’re really, really Palestinian, then I’d say you’re equivalent to a Jew defending Nazis. And you sliped homey… I’ve noticed only my Jewish friends write the world G-d in such a way when they drop me an email. Besides, I highly doubt that someone who’s English is that bad would be able to spell correctly, or use words such as “duped by Arab” and “propaganda.” I see you included a few mistakes… nice try.
    Finally, if this person were Palestinian, then I doubt he had his home demolished because he didn’t get a permit from the Israelis to build a house on HIS OWN LAND. I doubt he had someone from his family jailed for no reason. I also doubt that he got stuck at a checkpoint that serve nothing other than humiliate the Palestinians and make their lives more difficult. Why do you need a checkpoint between Palestinian villages? Hell, I even have Jewish friends who went on a “Birth Right” trip ended up by mistake at a checkpoint near Jerusalem. They went to Israel pro-Israeli, and came back anti-Israeli, because as Jews, what Israel is doing to the Palestinians is morally wrong. Peace.

  23. People, the book’s title is not an accusation that Israel is an apartheid state, rather that Israel’s choice for the future is either peace or apartheid. Of course there are two other alternatives – the status-quo forever, treating the Palestinians as a subjest race forever, or ethnic cleansing, both policies at which the Nazi’s excelled and with which I doubt most Israeli’s would want to be associated (lest it be said that the only thing Israel learned from the holocaust was that it was applied to the wrong semites).

    As for who was there first – the whole concept is idiotic, especially so to an American since we made the mistake of leaving survivors who remind us that we stole the place (and engaged in genocide). Anyway, what would you do if the Canaanites showed up today? Politely stand aside and say “by all means, after all, you were here first.”?.

    And Dershowitz. I’ve heard him argue for legalized torture as a humanitarian act to ensure that interogators of captured terrorists don’t get carried away. His letter, if accurately reproduced here, is also filled with half truths and statements designed to fool the uninformed. I.E.: as in the Jordanians having forced the Isreali’s hand by surrounding Jerusalem! Hey, wake up there Al, pre-1967 the ENTIRE old city was in Jordanian hands and had been since ’48 and was surrounded by Israel except for a corridor to the east. Further, the Jordaian army, the Arab Legion, was a small ill-equipped, unarmored force which realistically could never have penetrated Israel’s borders and encircled the new city. Also recall that Hussein never committed his air force. What he did was to launch a token attack within the city in the name of Arab solidarity and his own survival, something for which subsequent Israeli governments were pleased with.

    And why does America support a country and government whose policies are so anti-thetical to ours? Can anyone out there believe that if we had brokered a Palestine within the pre-1967 borders that 9/11 would ever have happenned? Do you have an alternative explanation to Arab anti-americanism? I think not and if there is none then Carter is 100% correct in attributing the absence of full reporting and open debate on these issues to the American Jewish lobby (and our shabby money grubbing politicians).

  24. I am an israeli.I am no longer living in area.I half to tanks g-d I escape from
    the terrorist regime that tricks the world today and yesterday.I am knowing that
    from that place I have no free will to say the truth.They would take me in the night
    if I say any bad ting about Israeli leader.This people make the world on purpose
    think that Palestine is bad,but this is not true.They lie to the people,and say that Muslim
    drink blood of jewish like cola.The israelis shoot on palestinians to make them mad to attack back to us.Than the israelis scream to the world to make palestinians look like
    bad people.This is nit the true.must protect
    thare palestinian people from state sponsored terror and killing.jewish people are suffer very
    much,but that suffer is not fault of palestine,is fault of bad german people.Not all
    people,but few who are terror,and make scared little children to believe lies.

    Gerry, you are a naive tool who would readily believe anything some random person on the internet posts. Well, then take my passage for truth as well.

  25. Mr. Carter I aplaud you for your bravery. There isn’t a single leader in our government that has the political will nor the experience to tackle this issue. The facts are the facts whether people like them or not they are obliged to accept them.

    The fact is that since before Israel’s illegal creation, Zionist forces eventually backed by Brittish, French and US armory and treasure have overwhelmed the indigenous population of Arabs with brutal force. Entire villages have been erased from the map systematically since the early part of the 20th century.

    You see, Israel has what it terms “The Demographic Problem.” A clean and friendly phrase describing a politcally impossible situation on the ground that the creators of the illegal state of Israel have stuggled with for decades. Since the indigenous population by far outnumbers the actual Jewish population by as many as 2-1, allowing them a free and equal voice in any type of government would remove any possibility of a “Jewish State.” Therefore, the only solution has been to shove off or kill off literally millions of non Jewish and non sympathetic people – most of which have lived on the land for 20 generations. In doing this the illegal state of Israel has created it’s enemies for generations to come.

    The Palestinian people, hundreds of thousands of which have died from the illegal Israeli military occupation, have been forced to flee for their very lives into neighboring states. Those of which who do not have the means to flee have been locked in open air prisons for their entire lives. ALL of which is funded by the international community the primary source of funding being the United States of America.

    Israel is an illegally established state. It’s only means of survival is important water resources in the Golan Heights (captured in 1967) and the West Bank.

    While racist, ignorant Zionist “settlers” backed by the IDF and it’s most advanced military weaponry plow through and destroy whole Palestinian cities and their means of survival, the United States government looks the other way and in fact funds the operation at the expense of the ignorant US taxpayer to the tune of over 150 BILLION dollars in free money.


  26. The kingdom of Israel exhisted for 75 years 3000 years ago. What a foolish argument for it’s existance today. LOL.

  27. Well another reason for this farce of supporting israel is that the bible says that the holy land must be controlled by the jews in order for the second coming of jesus to occur, which is why evangalists and jews alike are lobbying for israel.

  28. I am not an Israeli, I am an American. My concern is more for the welfare of America and the world at large.

    Though I believe that Israel has a right to exist as a nation, and defend herself against attack, I also believe the same for Palestine. There is tragic violence from both countries, and neither country is blameless in this.

    I don’t subscribe to the James Bond model of the world; where there are clear lines drawn between good guys and evil-doers. In matters of state, as in most important debates, things are more complex. If I am open-minded enough, I usually find good and evil in both sides.

    While I have heard many reports of Israel’s plight, it is the rare occasion that I hear any commentary from the other side. I suspect Jimmy Carter chose the title of the book, and perhaps the subject matter, to 1.) increase debate over the topic (perhaps a less offensive title would not have piqued anyone’s curiosity on the subject), 2.) to provide a couterpoint to current popular sentiment.

    As for ad hominem attacks on Jimmy Carter, I think they are simple and emotional. It is a rare man that can say he hasn’t done a great job as a diplomat. The Carter center has done Democracy a world of good since it’s inception. Further, it would seem that his view of the middle east is balanced and rational, and built on experience. I imagine we’d be in a better middle east policy position following his advice.

    By the way, giant walls seperating people are sooo cold war!

  29. Gerry,

    Hezbollah did NOT fire rockets from populated areas. That was an Israeli lie, and one of many during that very unfortunate event. Israel’s response to the kidnapping of soldiers was not only wrong, but amounted to a long long list of war crimes for which they will never be held accountable evidently.

    If Israel’s goal was to punish Hezbollah for the kidnappings, why then did they collectively punish all of Lebanon? Why did they bomb the airport runways? Were there Hezbollah fighters there? Why did Israel cut off water and power in Lebanon? Who was injured more by that move? Hezbollah fighters or the children of Lebanon? Why did Israel destroy so many roads and bridges? Were there Hezbollah fighters on each bridge and roadway destroyed?

    Why did Israel drop leaflets warning people to leave their homes, and then start bombing those trying to flee just moments after dropping the leaflets? Why did Israel bomb the Red Cross ambulance which was clearly marked with the red cross? Was the driver a Hezbollah fighter?

    Why did Israel bomb the UN location even after several hours of dialogue with the UN people? No Hezbollah fighters were there. Israel said there were. Another Israeli lie.

    Why were there so many civilian casualties in Lebanon, yet only a few Hezbollah casualties? Why were there so few Israeli civilian casualties, yet more Israeli military casualties?

    If Israel was so intent in minimizing civilian casualties as they said, (obviously another lie), why then was humanitarian aid blocked weeks beyond the declaration that Lebanon was facing a growing humanitarian crisi? Even after Israeli leadership gave the green light to humanitarian aid, they kept up the relentless bombing.

    I can only imagine the job it would have been to try to deliver anything in a land where virtually all the roads have been either destroyed or severely damaged. Add to that, what do you do when you come to a bridge that was destroyed? Add to that the fact that Israel never stopped bombing. Well, I’d say that would make the job just a wee bit more difficult don’t ya think?

    If Israel was trying so hard to avoid civilian casualties in Lebanon, why were more than half of the casualties children? As I mentioned before most of the Israeli casualties were Israeli soldiers NOT civilians, and certainly NOT Israeli children. Who has more honor? Those who kill other soldiers in combat, or those who bomb innocent civillians from miles away in the air and sea?

    I could go on and on and on, but I won’t. Most of the rational thinking world community condemned Israel’s behavior with the exception of the U.S. what does that say about the U.S.? As a matter of fact, anyone who pays taxes in the U.S. is every bit as guilty as Israel for what happened in Lebanon. It was the U.S. who provided Israel with the WMD to kill more than 1000 Lebanese children. And we should ALL be REAL PROUD ABOUT THAT – RIGHT?

  30. One more thing that hasn’t been stated enough ANYWHERE! Hezbollah did NOT fire ANY rockets into Israel until AFTER, I REPEAT AFTER Israel began bombing Lebanon. That is a fact. I was watching that whole thing unfold very carefully, and I watched it very carefully all the way through.

    And there is NO excuse whatsoever for what Isreal did there OR in Gaza! NONE!

  31. Carter is displaying the bravery and character proper to a U.S. president. Dershewitz is just being a lock-step puppet for Israel. His arguments are distortions, slimey simplifications–typical of the guy who just HAD to get on O.J.’s Dream Team–and basically duplicitous double-speak.

    The modern state of Israel is an utterly vile–illegal and immoral–race-state experiment which shares a vide variety of basic features with both Nazi Germany and the South African Nationalist Party. From the bombing of the King David Hotel, to the massacre of Deir Yassin, to the gallingly deceitful trechery of the Lavon Affair, to the cold-blooded attack of the U.S.S. Liberty…to the current slow genocide being inflicted upon 3.5 million Palestinians, the state of Israel has proven itself to be an utterly criminal enterprise which has caused nothing but death, terror, misery, and geo-political instability for its brief 56-year existence. Hmmm…any other of our “allies” whose spies we’ve had to imprison in America?

    It’s time to scour off!!

  32. I read both Carter’s Book and Dershowitz’s critique of the book. Further, I have read numerous works regarding this conflict and I consider myself to be very informed. Last but not least, I have read a number of works analyzing anti-semitism, racism, and the psychology related to scapegoating particular segments of society. I came across this site and eventually read all of the posted messages which by and large are written by either Anti-Semites or those who simply do not know the facts.

    Without entering into a lengthy argument I will touch upon a few points…

    Look at the archaelogical evidence. Study history. Is Israel not entitled to some of the land?

    Consider the creation of the State of Israel. Look at the Documented Offical Map of Israel and Palestine in 1948 and the amount of land each side was to receive. Next, consider the land itself. You will notice that a significant portion of Israel is the Negev desert while Palestinian land is at least comprised of area around the Med. or the Jordan River. But wait, was this acceptable to the “Palestinians” and the surrounding Arab nations? Certainly not because they all attacked Israel and lost. In fact, this is a recurring theme. Any rational person or nation responsible for the lives of many people will occupy territory that is necessary to prevent the continuous agression against Israel which is undeniable.

    Jimmy Carter was a terrible President. Jimmy Carter has accomplished fantastic things around the world in his role as a humanitarian activist. Here, Jimmy Carter is either 1. an anti-semite or 2. blind to the facts and not in touch with reality in his praiseworthy effort to help people.

    Please, is anyone really going to defend hezbollah? Hezbollah instigated the conflict by kidnapping the Israeli soldiers. Don’t even try and argue that hezbollah and Hamas(albeit a separate issue altogether) dont use areas concentrated with innocent people as human shields. Whether this is a completely planned strategy at particular points such as when avoiding capture and pre-emptive attacks or whether it is the nature of a terrorist army, how should Israel proceed? Allow rocket attacks to occur? Allow homicide bombers to operate staging areas? Allow arms and explosives to be stored for future attacks? I for one believe that pre-emptive strikes are justified. Finally, is anyone really going to defend Hezbollah (Syria and Iran)?

    That’s all for now.

  33. Dear Observer,

    It is true that Hezbollah insighted a confrontation with Israel via the ‘kidnapping’ of the soldiers. BUT, you should NOT destroy an intire nation’s infastructure under those conditions! There were NOT Hezbollah fighters on the airport runway. There were NOT Hezbollah fighters at the water pumping stations and water treatment plants that were destroyed. There were NOT Hezbollah fighters at the electrical powerplants that were hit. Hezbollah fighters were NOT driving the Red Cross ambulance that was hit. There were NO Hezbollah fighters near the UN peacekeeper’s compound that was bombarded for hours EVEN after hours of communication with Israel by the UN observers NOT to do so! There were NO Hezbollah fighters at that location in Qana – ONLY CHILDREN!

    In MANY cases Israel dropped leaflets to ‘warn’ residents of impending attacks, knowing FULL-WELL that many residents lacked the ability to leave with hundreds of roads and bridges destroyed, AND THE KICKER – Israel ALMOST ALWAYS began bombing WELL in advance of when they said they would killing scores of innocents who DID TRY to vacate!

    Israel did alot of bombing well to the north of where Hezbollah was operating. I am sorry, but there were NO Hezbollah fighters on all those bridges that were destroyed for no aparant strategic reason! ENTIRE VILLAGES WERE LEVELED! ENTIRE FAMILIES WERE WIPED OUT FOREVER!

    It is VERY clear to me that this was an Israeli blunder of HUGE magnitude! Their flawed philosophy was that if they caused enough harm to the people of Lebanon, that the people would blame Hezbollah for their calamity, BUT that backfired on Israel HARD! They saw Hezbollah as the ONLY group doing anything to protect them! Hezbollah was deemed as heros – the ONLY fighting force in history that could effectively do battle in a head-on situation with the mighty Israeli military!

    Is Hezbollah completely innocent of committing war crimes? No. BUT once again, Hezbollah fired NO rockets into Israel until WELL AFTER Israel had already began it RELENTLESS, INDISCRIMINATE AND HEAVY bombing campaign against the people of Lebanon! HOW MANY TIMES DOES THE WORLD NEED THAT FACT REPEATED?

    Israel bombed schools, hospitals, shopping centers and MUCH, MUCH more! Were there Hezbollah fighters in even ANY of those locations? I HIGHLY DOUBT IT!
    About 1,000,000 Lebanese people became homeless refugees as a result of Israel’s ILL-CONCEIVED MISADVENTURE! And they were not all from the south from which Hezbollah was operating.

    Israel also used many cluster munitions during their heavy bombing campaign that left hundreds of thousands of unexploded bomblets that have since killed and maimed nearly 100 more people – ALMOST ALL OF THEM CHILDREN since the ceasefire! Those will continue to be hazards many years from now primarily to the innocent children of Lebanon!

    There was strong condemnation on Israel for their ‘disproportionate’ use of force in Lebanon and Gaza – the ONLY exception was the U.S. who once again quite SHAMEFULLY VETOED RESOLUTIONS THAT EVEN WOULD MERELY CRITISIZE ISRAEL EVEN AFTER SOME INCREDIBLE WAR CRIMES WERE COMMITTED! At least Bolton is gone. GOD BLESS that developemnet!

    By the way, Israel said they would NEVER leave their soldiers behind, BUT THEY DID, DIDN’T THEY? Another Israeli lie?

    many may not be aware of this, but two of the three families of the Israeli soldiers that were captured, made direct appeals to Olmert’s government to NOT respond militarily for their son’s release! The family of the soldier captured by Hamas fighters, and one of the soldiers that were captured by Hezbollah made that request! Common sense would tell you that a military response would put their lives at risk more than negotiations would. All Israel had to do in the first place was to release some of their ILLEGAL KIDNAP VICTIMS! Hamas was simply asking that Israel release the hundreds if not thousands of women and children that they have ILLEGALLY KIDNAPED at checpoints, and from homes who have been WRONGFULLY imprisoned for years with NO formal charges! Sound familiar?

    I have read that resently Olmert is finally considering to do some of that. It’s just a CRYING SHAME that this did not occur BEFORE all the senseless bloodshed! BUT THE SENSELESS BLOODSHED CONTINUES STILL!

    Once again, I could go on and on and on, but I won’t.

    I do not hate the state of Israel, because the majority of it’s residents do NOT agree with the choices made by their current and recent leadership which is similar to the way it has been here in the U.S. for the past six years – despite the brainwashing media that exists in both nations bought and paid for by those who profit from war.

    Once again, in my opinion which reflects the VAST MAJORITY of the world’s population Israel was CLEARLY WRONG to do what they did in both Gaza and Lebanon. THERE WAS NO EXCUSE FOR WHAT THEY DID! And the ONLY way they got away whit it was because of the existance of the powerful Jewish influence here in the U.S. It SHAMES me to NO END that the U.S. was an ACTIVE and WILLING participant to the WAR CRIMES CLEARLY COMMITTED BY ISRAEL!

    But why should anybody be surprised? What is the ONLY nation on earth whose recent military blunders surpass those of the Israelis? Hmmmm . . . Things that make you go hmmmm . . .

  34. The problem is not that Carter is pro-Palestinan. He is. He ghost wrote speeches in the 90s for Yasser Arafat (to clean Arafat up for the West). The issue is the facile misrepresentations Carter portrays. I don’t need to spell them all out here, as Dershowitz, M. Bard, and various other scholars have already taken the book apart for its distortions of fact.

    Carter is not anti-Semetic, but he is anti-Israel. While he criticizes the Israel lobby for daring to challenge him, the Carter Center has acknowleged that much of its funding comes from what essentially the Arab lobby!!

    The fact that Carter dismisses what Clinton, Ross and all other participant in Camp David II (other than Malley, who payed a very minor role, and Arafat), seems suspicious. Pal. Authority cabinet member (Nabil Amir) quit Arafat’s cabinet bacause of Arafat’s rejection of the “Clinton offer”, which he described as fair. Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia called Arafat’s rejection of Camp David proposals “a crime against the Palestinian people”. Yet Carter still believes the fairy tale that Israel is standing in the way of peace.

  35. I’m astonished at how thoroughly brainwashed most Americans are by AIPAC and the mass media. Israel is a terrorist nation just like all of the Arab nations that surround it. The US has simply chosen a side in the conflict. The land that Israel now sits upon was stolen from the Arabs, whether they are called Palestinians or not. We pour billions of dollars into Israel, sell them state-of-the-art weapons, and defend every act of brutal violence they choose to perpetrate in the UN. And Americans wonder why the entire Islamic world hates us? Israel could not exist without outside support and are the world’s greatest welfare state. Israel’s problems are Israel’s problems and we, as Americans, shouldn’t be involved in their multi-millenia blood feud with the Arabs at all. I applaud President Carter for bringing these facts to light and, hopefully, helping Americans open their eyes to Israeli brutality.

  36. Here is the reality of the situation. almost all news media in the united states its controlled or owned by jewish american citizens. If anyone really wants to get to the bottom line of this problem it starts there. The fact of the matter is that every major news organization which shows you whats happening in the middle east is owned or controlled almost completly by jewish american citizens. across the world it is very well known the facts about what is REALLY going on. in the U.S if anyone dares to critize israel he is declared a anti-semite and his opinion and character is destroyed by media and anyone afraid of the same. Now im sure the same will be said about jimmy carter. they will say he is a anti semite and give no real debate to his book and views 1on any major news station in the U.S. the reason i saw this blog or whatever u want to call it is because i just saw on CNN what they had to say about the book, they gave it 30 secs of coverage and talked about a map he used in the book which they say was copied from another book, it had absolutly nothing to do with the material of the book. as im writing this right now about to see something about the book on cnn’s wolf blitzer show, by the way if anyone wants to look it up you will see that the vast majority of news anchors or people that give there opinion on cnn are mostly jewish americans, talk about unbiased news huh? two guys named kenneth stein and dennis ross both came on the show to talk about there views of the book. Im very surprised to see after looking them up they are both jewish and so is wolf blitzer by the way.(note the sarcasm) Here is the bottom line untill the influences of the israel lobby or AIPAC can be stopped or untill the media that covers the situation, that includes all t.v news newspapers print and many various methods of spreading propaganda is no longer controlled by jewish americans you will never hear unbiased and fair news, it will always favor israel. I CHALLENGE ANYONE READING THIS TO REALLY LOOK INTO THE ISSUES OF WHO OWNS THE MEDIA AND THE INFLUENCES OF PRO ISRAELI LOBYISTS IN THE UNITED STATES.
    As long as the U.S and its presidents and congress are blindly is controlled by rich jewish americans who control the media therefore what is news to americans and the cash flow that fund political campaigns there will never be a end to this problem. I would love to continue the discussion with anyone who has a intelligent opinion, i am not a anti-semite, i have many jewish friends as well as my girlfriend is jewish who all support this opinion.

  37. I was at a luncheon today ( Dec. 8 ) at the Carter Presidential Library where Jimmy Carter spoke about his new book on Palestine. He carefully described his thinking in writing the book and choosing the title. He said that apartheid was the only word he knew that accurately described what he had observed in the Palestinian territories. He said that the Israeli government does not want peace. It wants Palestinian land. Carter said that he meant his book to be deliberately provocative because “there is an impenetrable wall between American citizens and what is going on in Palestine.” During the Q & A period after his talk, I asked about the role of AIPAC in silencing criticism of Israel. He said that AIPAC (American Israeli Public Affairs Committee) was likely the most powerful lobby in the U.S. and was not interested in peace but was only concerned with promoting the policies of the Israeli government. Carter did not pull any punches today as he roundly condemned the Palestinian policy of the Israeli government.He said that he was deeply saddened that the Israeli government has chosen the path of colonizing, oppressing and trying to evict the Palestinian people from their land.

  38. I say Kutos!!! to Jimmy Carter for standing up and telling it like it is. May some of it stick to the wall.

    To Mike K
    Sniper fire? What Israeli was ever shot, wounded or killed from the sniper fire you are referring to. They have to use a concrete wall because of the sniper fire, give me a break. Oh yeah, I got some swamp land in Florida for sale, interested?

    To Some guy who studies history
    For someone who studies history you must not get out much…”The fact simply is that there are no ‘Palestinians.”. This is the kind of thinking that has got you in the mess you are in.

    To Gerry
    You got your “homeland” with the help of the British, even though their original concept had nothing to do with granting statehood and then only if you respected the rights of those already living there. Bottom line, you were given an inch but you took a foot. What ever happened to “A deal is a deal”.

    To Alan Dershowitz/Letter
    Those poor Palestinians they brought it all on themselves. NOT.

    Peace and love to all.

  39. To those that claim high knowledge of that area: Palestine Israel:
    I do not have such detailed knowledge but there are some undeniable facts regarding of Palestine Israel history, at lest in the last hundred years, that ere not myths and could be verified and are not part of Israeli propaganda (“history”).
    Jews were tiny minority in that area of Middle East till the end of WWI, and Arabs were predominant people. The right of self determination, which was proclaimed as a guiding principle for forming new states after WWI , was mostly denied to Arabs who lived in that area ( Middle East). A lot of artificial states were created there, thanks to imperial powers and winners of WWI: Britain and France. Especially that was denied to Arabs in Palestine which were governed by British.
    There was Zionist project to create Jewish state but that project did not have support of majority of Jews in the world or those Jews that lived with Arabs for centuries.
    That project could not have any chance to succeed if Arabs had the right to control and organise the territories (where they were lived and had huge majority) according their will. Thanks to British and because of tragedy of Jews in Europe (Holocaust) during WWII , international community by UN allowed creation of Jewish state.
    They (UN) gave the Jewish population, which was around 33 % of all population of British Mandate (Palestine) and majority of those Jews lived there less then 5 years (mostly settlers and refugees, and just minority were born there), the right to create the state on land which for centuries belonged to Arabs.
    (I know that in the mind of all Jews that territory belong to them, but that was just imagination, not reality)
    Once again the right of self-determination was denied to Arabs in Palestine.

    That UN made huge mistake should be obvious just looking at what has happened in that area for last 60 years.
    Naturally, Arabs of Palestine rejected that UN proposal and started to rebel and fight Jews but they were defeated for various reasons.
    Zionist used that opportunity and started the ethnic cleansing of Arab population from the territory given to them by UN and also started grabbing for more. You have to know that almost 40% population of area designated to Israel were Arabs. Zionist new, that with such percentage of Arabs, Israel would never become Jewish as they desired. The creation of Israel was really marked by committing crime of the ethnic cleansing rather then heroic battles for liberation and defence, but that was never recognised and quickly hidden by Israeli propaganda.
    Arabs countries attacked Israel when Israel already started ethnic cleansing and taking more territories then was given to him by UN. The war with Arabs regular armies was never happen on Israeli territory (given by UN).
    Arab countries could claim that their just defending Palestinian Arabs but their goals was to destroy Israel and grab land for themself .They did not really care for Palestinians and when they did not succeeded to defeat Israel they made peace agreement with Israel which defined the border of Israel before 1967 and Palestinian land, according the UN partition plan of 1947, was divided between Egypt, Jordan and Israel. That was agreement between Israel and some Arab states. Nobody represented or cared for Palestinian Arabs. They are mention just as refugees in various UN resolutions.
    My opinion is that Palestinian made mistake when recognised Israel in borders before 1967.
    UN Resolution 242 is confirming basic principle of UN that new territory cannot be gained by war and when that resolution is asking for the return of occupied territories by Israel, and Israel is claiming that that does not mean to the territories which Israel was controlling before 1967, I would accept that. Only I would say that request includes all territories gained by war including the territories Israel gained by war in 1948.
    But that is now history, because majority of Palestinians and all international community recognised the border of Israel such as of 1967, but no more. Israel, if really wants peace with Palestinian and no a grab for more territory, should accept that generous offer and Palestinian sacrifice and withdraw inside the 1967 territories.
    What Israel was doing now is just a lot of talking about peace, democracy, terrorism but grabbing more and more land, hopping that the new reality and the criminal gains will be eventually accepted as those in the 1948 war. Israel was never punished for its crimes by international community, but forgot that was created by that international community and it is behaving as spoiled child that never learned about its responsibilities.
    sorry for my English.
    I agree with Carter plan. That is probably a maximum that Palestinians could get.

  40. Although it is true that there is a significant Jewish presence in the Media, blanket assertions that Jews “control” the media is a glaring example of anti-semitism. Broad accusations such as this are based on stereotypes. True research into this issue does not include “googling” the topic and agreeing with another ubstantiated anti-semitic opinion. Take a realistic look at who the executives are at FOX, NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN and also the conglomerates which may or may not own these networks. I am certain that there are quite a few Jews in key positions at these companies. However, the mere fact that a few Jews serve as executives does not substantiate such a broad assertion. Are the other non-jewish executives entranced and simply following instructions? Please. Consider the following objectively. If Israel did not exist, do you think that would end the conflict between Islam and the West? Do you think Israel is the primary reason the US is involved in the Middle East? Do you believe that US support of Israel is the underlying reason for hate of the US? I submit that Israel and the Jews are being scapegoated as they have been throughout history. The Jews were persecuted in Ancient Israel and exiled on several occasions eventually leading to being spread out throughout the globe. The Jews were then persecuted and murdered countless times in almost every single country they have lived in culminating in the Holocaust. The Jews now have their own state and since its inception vitriolic accusations have been levied in its direction. Jews are not accepted as citizens of other countries nor is a separate Jewish state acceptable. If the Jewish state had been created on Antarctica I guarantee that Jews would be blamed for melting glaciers and the ensuing ecological crisis.

  41. Kudos to Former President Jimmy Carter, for once a brave voice to state the truth.I sincerely hope that the American Government and its people look at this with “fresh eyes” and with an open mind.Injustice breeds hostility and violance…So please….for the sake of humanity…read and understand what he is trying to say objectively.Its time for the only global superpower to show that it can be truly fair and just to ALL and not just to one.

  42. Modern Israel is an affront to basic civilized norms. There is no debate about this. It is a repulsive state – a kind of Fagin’s den built on theft, murder and lies.

  43. Obviously, “Observer”, as he/she enjoys dubbing him/herself, is a delusional knit-wit. I bet if a dog took an unintentional crap on a Jew’s shoes, “Observer” would call the dog an anti-semite!!! Get real!!! Let me put it in simple English for you:


    If anyone criticizes Israel, they are criticizing A GOVERNMENT; not a religion, race, creed or anything remotely close. Therefore, being ANTI-ISRAELI, BEING OPPOSED TO THE CURRENT POLICIES OF THE ISRAELI GOVERNMENT IS NOT AND NEVER SHOULD BE CONSIDERED AS ANTI-SEMITISM!!! As a matter of fact, Gerry, Observer and all other pro-israeli idiots ARE ANTI-SEMITIC people, since they won’t hesitate to spill their bile against the Palestinians, Arabs, who along with the Jews ARE also RACIALLY SEMITIC!!!


  44. Observer, I am not sure who in this blog has said that Jews control the media. And, if said i would agree with you that this is a popular construct which misrepresents the actual forces of control in the media. I have not read Jimmy Carter’s book in its’ entirety, but i am relatively certain that Jimmy Carter has not said or insuated this. From what i have read and heard from Jimmy Carter with regard to the U.S media and its’ coverage of the occupation of Palestine by the state of Israel, he is simply stating what many objective observers have been saying for some time: That the U.S media has been impotent compared with other countries including Britain, Canada, Sweden, France, many other countires and even the state of Israel… in terms of basic honest coverage of the ongoing oppression of the Palestinian people. For example how often do you hear that Palestine is being occupied by Israel in the U.S. media, or that the state of Israel continues to steal land from the palestinians; that it was Israael who would not except the road map; that hundreds of Palestinians have been kidnapped… you do hear when two Israeli soldiers are kidnapped, you even learn their names, meet their families. To put it bluntly, in the U.S. the palestinian plight is completely under represented. And no i don’t think it is a Jewish conspiracy controlling the media but what you do have is a very powerful Israeli lobby in the U.S, a coporate media controlled by some of the same interests who’s thirst for oil knows no borders, and a U.S. government that has linked it’s strategic intererst with that of the greedy souless corporate sector. In short i don’t think Jimmy Carter or most sensible obervers are suggesting a Jewish controlled media is the problem, but rather the corporate capatalist media which is more concerned with profit and power then people and truth.

  45. To Kaiser Sose. You mentioned that Israel stole land from the Arabs? Actually, that is pure projection. Israel was a nation long before the US was on the maps. In fact, the US, Canada, Australia, etc. “stole” land from the indiginous populations, and the US was extraordinarily brutal.

    Israelis fought (after being attacked) for the re-emerence of their lost independence and won. And then, when they were attacked again, they won more.

    When peace is even a possibility, Israel has come to the table and given up land for the mere promise of peace. Even Israel’s most right wing prime minister (M. Begin) gave land for peace when a REAL peace partner (like Sadat) emerged.

    Israel has peace treaties with Eygpt and Jordan, and will no doubt close the circle of peace when a true peace partner comes along. Hamas is not that peace partner.

    Ultimately, in history, it is up to the victors of the war to determine the grounds upon which peace is to be made. Israel is anomolous in this sense, as it is the defeated attackers who beleive that they should set the terms. Today, the Palestinian leadership still seeks maximalist goals (like flooding Israel with Palestinians!), and while discussing cease fires, are publicly plotting and speaking freely about the future anniliation of Israel.

    Carters book is so naive that it is almost sad.

  46. I’m about halfway through Carter’s book. I’m jewish and pro Israel. This book is not anti-semitic. Carter writes about some very painful truths that very few are prepared to say or admit. He is clear in the beginning of the book to say that some Palestinians have committed totally reprehensible crimes. So to say he is one-sided is short-sighted to say the least.

    In ‘punishing’ the Palestinians for their crimes (crossing closures, taking land, withholding taxes etc.), Israel has finally got to the point where they can’t do any more to pressure the Palestinians into ‘Peace’. People have to have something in order for someone else to have a threat of taking it away again.

    Carter, I believe ‘picks’ on Israel because they are the only accountable side in the conflict. The hatchet jobs being done on Carter in this and many other forums are simplistic and clearly these people ‘just don’t get it’. Eye-for-an-eye stopped working a long time ago.

    As for Dershowitz, this clearly impressive fellow damages his own argument – just as he claims Carter has done. He indicates that Carter’s views are tainted due to the Arab contributions to the Carter. But it’s very well known that the Bush family has ultra close ties with the Saudi Royal family, yet they support Israel unconditionally. This pours very cold water on Dershowitz’s claims. I understand there were other subtleties to Dershowitz’s article, but he lost his credibility on his main attack theme.

    So, to the critics, the book is certainly not ‘right’, but it indicates that if you mistreat someone for long enough, you shouldn’t be surprised if you get mis-treated back. For the mortally stupid (and I’ve seen a few here), this does not mean it is OK for Palestians to kill or rocket Israelies, but it means that if you see that they have nothing else any more (because it’s been taken away), they will feel nothing about fighting back.

    It’s a brave book and any pro-Israel person should read it and consider what he’s actually saying before prematurely ejaculating stupid responses.

    I’m with Rollie. God Bless Israel – and the Palestinians – and mankind (and especially the women!) generally.


  47. According to a poll taken throughout Europe in the mid. 1990’s, the number one country who is the biggest threat to world peace is Israel. Now, not all Jews are a threat to world peace, just the ones controlling the state of Israel.

    To use the excuse that Israel has the right to defend itself and use whatever means are necessary to defend itself, is wearing a little thin. This is not about defending oneself, this is about who is right and who is wrong , plain and simple. If the right things were done in the beginning, there would be no need to defend anybody. Jews, Muslims and Christians would be living in peace in the Holy Land, side by side. But, they are not and whose fault is it?

    Yes, the Arabs got to carve up what was felt of the Middle East after World War II and rightfully so. They fought and died for the right side in the war. What did the Jews do, but broker some backroom deal behind the scene to get their piece of the pie. Using the Bible to justify their actions and to top it all off, could they have picked a more controversial piece of land to claim as your own. A piece of land, that all the major religions of the world hold sacred. It was not enough that they thought is was their God given right to do so, they took even more land when their surrounding neighbors protested their actions, almost twenty years later.

    Ok, here’s the bottom line. Because of their actions, millions of people were displaced and lost everything they had. People ran in fear of their lives, with most ending up in refugee camps that still exist today. And for what, so Jews could fulfill a promise given to them by God Almighty. Personally, I do not think that is the way God intended it to go down.

    So, now they have made their bed and have to sleep in it. Sweet dreams.

  48. I do consider all the ideas you’ve offered on your post. They are very convincing and can definitely work. Nonetheless, the posts are very brief for newbies. Could you please prolong them a bit from subsequent time? Thank you for the post.

    You can definitely see your skills within the work you write. The world hopes for even more passionate writers such as you who aren’t afraid to say how they believe. At all times go after your heart. “He never is alone that is accompanied with noble thoughts.” by Fletcher.

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