Israel Agrees To Entry Of Palestinian Militia From Jordanian To Gaza

It is no secret that Israel is supporting a covert insurgency war aligned with Fatah to undermine the Hamas-led civillian government in the Palestinian Occupied Territories. After all, to fund the other is to neutralise both. Paying off Fatah to relegate them as a Zionist slave-client, while at the same time using them to destroy Hamas, the Islamic movement which is the only viable threat to Israel, is certainly a smart political move on their part. Thus the dirty politics of the Zionists and Jews come into play….

Israel Agrees to Entry of Palestinian Militia From Jordanian to Gaza
08:09 Nov 28, ’06 / 7 Kislev 5767


( Israel has agreed in principle to the deployment of 1,000 members of the Fatah-affiliated Badr Brigade in Gaza. The militia will be placed primarily in northern Gaza in the hope they will act on behalf of Fatah chief Mahmoud Abbas and seek to prevent Kassam rocket attacks on Israeli population centers. The force would be added to the 13,000 PA (Palestinian Authority) security forces deployed in the area.

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert set two conditions for the arrival of the Jordanian brigade, that they do not come with their families, a move he fears would be interpreted as Israel giving in on its objections to the so-called Palestinian right of return. In addition, Olmert stated Israel will have the right to demand that the Jordanian soldiers leave Gaza at any time.

According to reports, both the PA and Jordan agreed to the conditions set by Jerusalem.

It remains unclear when the force will arrive, a move that may be contingent on Fatah and Hamas signing an agreement that will result in a PA coalition government.

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