218 Indian Jews Immigrate To Israel

Indian Jews leaving for Israel. The irony is that these people are not even born there but given citizenship. Whereas the original, indigeneous peoples of Palestine are being treated nothing more than trash.

218 Indian Jews immigrate to Israel
The Hindu

Tel Aviv, Nov. 30 (PTI): A fresh batch of Mizo Jews, who claim to be descendants of an ancient Jewish tribe, arrived here yesterday, taking the total number of Indian jews who have immigrated to Israel over the past week to 218.

The new immigrants from India’s northeastern states call themselves as ‘Bnei Menashe’ and have arrived here in batches since the past week. Today’s batch was the fourth to arrive here.

The Bnei Menashe claim descent from the tribe of Manaseh, one of the ten tribes exiled from the land of Israel by the Assyrians over 2,700 years ago.

“Being a Jew it is our duty to be in our Homeland and I am glad I have been able to fulfill that”, PeterZokhuma, who recently adopted a Jewish name, Peertlau’, said.

An electrical enginner, who had set up private business in Mizoram a decade back, Peertlau, waiting for a surname, said he doesn’t regret leaving all that because he has to fulfill “his forefather’s dream”.

The children, however, are a little less enthusiastic with some of them “missing their friends and worried about making new friends”.

“We are very gald that our people have been able to fulfill their dream of coming to the Promised Land after years of waiting. I hope the remaining members of the community will also be able to immigrate to Israel”, the Secretary of Bnei Menashe Council Tzvi Khaute said.

“These people will be for the time-being settled in Carmiel and Upper Nazareth in the north of Israel”, Michael Jankelowitz, a spokesman for the Israel Jewish Agency said.

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