Former President Carter: “Israel Not Following Its Own Values”

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“Israel not following its own values”
DNA Correspondent
Wednesday, November 29, 2006 23:27 IST

WASHINGTON, DC: Former US President Jimmy Carter has said that Israel’s treatment of Palestinians in the occupied territories is one of the world’s worst cases of oppression. In an interview to CNN’s Larry King on Monday to talk about his new book Palestine: Peace, Not Apartheid, Carter said that Israeli policies in its country as well as the occupied territories have deprived Palestinians of basic human rights, and that nobody ever talks about it.

‘‘There is a clear distinction between the policies within the nation of Israel and within the occupied territories that Israel controls,” he said, “and the oppression of the Palestinians by Israeli forces in the occupied territories is horrendous.” He added that this important issue is hardly ever discussed in the US, and therefore does not get the attention it deserves.

He said, “You never hear anything about what is happening to the Palestinians by the Israelis. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the worst cases of oppression that I know of now in the world. The Palestinians’ land has been taken away from them. They now have an encapsulating or an imprisonment wall being built around what’s left of the little tiny part of the holy land that is in the West Bank.”

Carter, a Nobel laureate and founder of The Carter Centre, a human rights and peace non-profit, said that it is possible to find everlasting peace between the embattled nations. He said, “I was the one that negotiated a peace agreement between Israel and Egypt, not a word of which has ever been violated. So, I’ve devoted a good portion of my adult life trying to bring peace to Israel, which I admire very much.”

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