The Question With No Answer

The question with no answer….how will Israel “prevail” one day with brute force? How will Zionism “solve” a problem that did not exist?

Zionism used FEAR to create what it claims to be a “Jewish National Home”. This sounds like driving on the wrong side of the street while ALL others drive on the right side. Zionism claimed to have a solution to “ghettos” only to create the largest ghetto ever. If you remember that around 65% of Israelis live in the coastal strip between Haifa and Gaza border.

If you look at the map and measure the distance between the sea shore and the wall: 18 kms. only Did Zionism really achieve what it claimed all the time to have achieved? What is a better short description of Israel than a “modern times ghetto”?

While you read these lines Israel has imprisoned a democratically elected parliament and the cabinet that was brought to power by a democratic process attested by International observers. Zionism claims to have the “moral right” to do to others what it says Jews have been through. This is equivalent to saying a thing is WRONG and RIGHT at the very same time!

It is WRONG when Jews are being persecuted.
It is RIGHT when the Jewish State is persecuting!
What sense does that make to a level-headed person?

Gaza is now under attack. Reason given: one Israeli soldier has been taken prisoner. Palestinian Resistance says “free women and children held prisoners” for us to free the soldier. Simple demand to which Israel has responded with heavy shelling and plane strafing.

Israel claims it wants PEACE. This peace is supposed to be with the indignant population whom Israel has expelled. While Israel talks peace it uses its military power to subjugate the very people it wants to live with. Strange unprecedented formula that NEVER brought Israel anywhere near peace.

While you are reading these lines more Palestinian are being killed and rendered homeless.
Israel uses military power – thanks to Uncle Sam – to bring around tranquility from the muzzle of the gun.

Time alone will judge if this is a DREAM that will come TRUE. Or if it is a nightmare that changed the HOLY LAND into a modern ghetto.

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