Who Wants A Secular State Defined By Hitler And Run By Jews?

It seems to me that there is confusion among Zionists on who is a Jew and who is Israel. Many are beginning to realise that Israel is no different from a secular state, its ideology is secular and its existence has nothing to do with God.

So much for a “Jewish character”.

Who wants a secular state defined by Hitler and run by Jews?
Rabbi Levi Brackman Published: 12.01.06, 14:37

The current “Who is a Jew” crisis, which is irritating many Diaspora Jewish leaders, was precipitated by the proposal of Israel’s Sephardic Chief Rabbi to deny converts, both Orthodox and otherwise, automatic rights to become Israeli citizens under the Law of Return. The underlying issues inherent in the Chief Rabbi’s proposal are much deeper and have greater implications than meet the eye.

Last week the UK’s influential weekly Jewish newspaper The Jewish Chronicle in its editorial went directly to the heart of this matter. Responding to the Chief Rabbi’s proposal, it concluded that it is “small wonder that some think the time is long overdue for the separation of synagogue and state in Israel.”

Indeed, the Jewish character of the state of Israel is really what is at stake here.

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