UN Report Says Israel Should Compensate Lebanon For War

UN places full blame for unwarranted Lebanese war on Israel. Time for Israel to pay compensation to Lebanon, the country which it bullied.

A United Nations human rights inquiry said on Friday that Israel should be made to pay compensation for damage caused by its month-long war in Lebanon this past summer, especially losses incurred by civilians. It suggested setting up an international compensation program similar to the one which has paid out billions of dollars to cover losses due to Iraq’s 1990-91 invasion and occupation of Kuwait.

But the three-member commission of inquiry – which also rejected Israeli and US charges that its recent report accusing Israel of “flagrant violations” in the war was one-sided – left any decision to the UN Human Rights Council.

The council “should consider creation of a commission competent to examine individual claims for reparations and compensation,” commission member Joao Clemente Baena Soares told a press briefing.

But Israel denounced the report, saying the UN probe ignored the actions of Hizbullah fighters who fired 4,000 rockets at Israel during the war, as political fallout from the conflict continued to plague Israel’s military leaders.

Itzhak Levanon, Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva, said in a speech to the UN Human Rights Council that its three-member commission of inquiry had produced a “report rife with imbalances and misrepresentation.”

After visiting Lebanon, the commission issued a November 21 report that said Israel was guilty of “excessive, indiscriminate and disproportionate use of force” over the summer.

The UN team said that a limited mandate from the council prevented them from probing Hizbullah’s actions.

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  1. Yes, Israel should make reparations. Further, Israel must get of the stolen land. Until they vacate the land stolen from the Palestinians, there will always be chaos in the Middle East. Why should Israel not be held accountable for it’s genocidal behavior that it has engaged in for the past forty years?
    Lloyd A. Wright

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