Why Must Israel Be Allowed To Exist?

Why must Israel be allowed to exist if:

1. They wish to wipe out all Palestinians from their homeland and throw them into the sea?

2. They kill all women, children and young men of the general Palestinian population (see the recent massacre of Beit Hanoun), without discriminating between civillians and fighters?

3. They destroy Palestinian civillian infrastructure and government buildings, denouncing it as “terrorist infrastructure” (never mind the fact that these structures were paid for and funded by the EU and the world community)?

4. They deny the Hamas government, even though Hamas was elected by popular vote through fair and free elections?

5. They build an “apartheid wall”, effectively sealing off the West Bank and Gaza from each other and turning each area into separate bantustans?

Really, why must Palestinians bend over and allow this racist, apartheid Zionist state to exist?


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