Netanyahu: Can Israel Still Win Wars?

Former Israeli Prime Minister raises doubts as to whether Israel could afford to go to war again. Israel is at its weakest state in history.

Netanyahu: Can Israel still win wars?

Benjamin Netanyahu voiced doubt on Israel´s ability to prevail in a future war.

The Israeli opposition leader made the remark Tuesday in an interview when he was asked about the mounting reports of incompetence in the government and military before and during the recent campaign against Hezbollah.

“I have come to this conclusion in light of the way the Lebanon war was handled, as well as the aftermath,” Netanyahu told Israel Radio. “The government is conducting a policy of weakness, restraint and concessions to terrorism.”

He was referring to the Gaza Strip truce recently declared by Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

Netanyahu, who says Gaza is on its way to becoming “a second Lebanon”, called on Olmert to launch a massive military sweep in the territory and topple the Hamas-led Palestinian Authority.

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