Belisi Fashions

This is the story of Belisi Fashions and how it all began for this fashion brand which is today one of the leading fashion names, especially in the Palm Beach area. Without the dedication and innovation of its founder, Peter Belisi, the story of Belisi Fashions will not have come into existence and we would know nothing about it today.

Peter Belisi was struggling to support his family with no savings, he needed a novel concept to start his own company. Emulating his high-end clientele, Belisi invested any extra money in a tie collection. Before long, co-workers and clients looked to him for inspiration. Belisi took pride in never wearing the same tie twice, and through his appreciation of fine ties, an idea took shape. Accessories are the finishing pieces to any well-heeled look — done the right way, you present a polished picture to the world. The image conscious not only want to fit in among their peers by wearing high-end accessories, they want to give back to society. The Belisi brand was then founded to enhance luxury wardrobes, while making the world a little brighter for everyone. Belisi—a name already synonymous with beauty—has earned a loyal following for its high-end, quality ties, and most recently scarves and handbags. Belisi’s guiding principle is to create Luxury with Meaning.

Every time you purchase a Belisi product, you put the finishing touch on a put-together look, while fighting poverty, protecting the environment, seeking justice and funding medical research. Put simply, Belisi stands for good living: great style, quality accessories and giving back to the community.

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