Report: Israel And Iran Holding Secret Talks

Ironic as it may sound, here we have Israel and its “enemy” Iran in secret talks together. Why? Because Israel owes Iran billions of dollars in oil money! Now I will leave you to form your own conclusions.

Report: Israel and Iran holding secret talks
Dec. 6, 2006 1:45

While Iran continues to deny that Israel has the right to exist, Iranian and Israeli representatives are holding clandestine talks in Europe to settle an old Israeli debt, Ha’aretz reported Wednesday.

Iran is still owed hundreds of millions of dollars for oil it supplied to Israel in the years before the Islamic Revolution in 1979, and representatives of the two countries, now sworn enemies, are holding contacts meant to settle the debt, according to the report in Haaretz.

The report was attributed to anonymous Israeli and Swiss officials involved in the negotiations.

Two mediation processes involving different parts of the debt are now ongoing between Iranian and Israeli representatives, the report said, and a third ended recently in a ruling that Israeli fuel companies owe Iran tens of millions of dollars.

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