House Demolitions In The West Bank

This is something which Israel will never want you to see. Imagine if this happens to your home and you are kicked out of your own land which your father, grandfather and great-grandfather has been living on for generations. Do you wonder now why Palestinians are desperate?

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  1. YMedad – 1. Wrong. The UN Partition Plan never went into effect. First of all, it was a GENERAL ASSEMBLY Resolution (under Article 10 of the UN Charter) and was tfeerhore merely a RECOMMENDATION to the Security Council, which never had a chance to vote on the issue because the Arabs went to war against the fledgling Jewish state first. Which is a second reason why the plan never went into effect — it required BOTH sides to accept it and the Arabs categorically rejected it and went to war to oppose it. So sorry, there was no country of “Palestine” founded in 1947. (By your logic, why don’t you say one was created in 1937 with the Peel Partition Plan? That plan too never went into effect.)You should read the actual Resolution (181 (II)), which makes it clear that this was a mere recommendation. Or better yet…2. …Read the site you yourself linked to — which also points out that the plan was never implemented: “This jigsaw puzzle would have been difficult to implement for friendly populations, and was impossible to implement given the hostility between Arabs and Jews.”3) Was this any more than a declaration? Not really. This “government” never achieved international recognition, never had control over the territory over which it claimed jurisdiction, never had an army, no currency, no administration — essentially it was a non-entity that was allowed to [barely] exist by the Egyptian government. It would certainly not qualify as a state under the Conference of Montevideo requirements for statehood. Nice try though.The Palestinian Arabs have tried declaring statehood numerous times, but such declarations do not, by themselves, create a state. (See, for example, the US District Court for the 1st Circuit’s 2005 case Ungar v. The Palestine Liberation Organization, in which such claims of statehood were rejected.)4. See above. Also, Jordan’s annexation was completely illegal under international law and was not recognized by anyone besides Britain and Pakistan — it was rejected even by Egypt and by the Arab League.5. See other posts where people have already discussed Haj Amin Al-Husseini. 6. — 7. Exactly. There was no country by that name, but there was a geographical region named by Emperor Hadrian in 135 CE after the Bar Kochvah Revolt. It was the land of the Jewish people. This was centuries before the Arabs came to the land.8. –9. — 10. Now you got it. It was never born — there was never an Arab state in Western Palestine. You might want to revise your answers to #1-3.11. Interesting theory, though I’d ask you to provide evidence of any sort of widespread nationalist movement prior to the 1960s. Moreover, the PLO was founded in 1964 to liberate all of Palestine from the Jews, not from fellow Arabs.

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