Heart Rate Monitors

Everyone wants to ensure that one remains fit and healthy with no impending disease or heart attack. Heart Rate Monitors are certainly a must for those who are concerned about their heart rate and want to ensure that their heart remains healthy at a steady beat rate. There are all sorts of gadgets which can monitor your heart beat these days, it is not a matter of choosing which one to buy but whether you want to buy it or not.

If you know someone who qualifies and you’re looking for a special holiday gift, shop our heart rate monitor store. We carry strapped, strapless and speciality heart rate monitors including heart rate monitors for biking and swimming from CardioSport, Polar, EKHO and Reebok. There is a buying guide to help you through the purchasing process. While supplies last we have an ECG accurate strapless heart rate monitor from Reebok for just $47.95. Shipping is free on all order of $19 or more. Order by Dec. 13th for free holiday delivery.

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