Zionism Means Opposition To Islam

TEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- An Indian Researcher stressed that Zionism is the manifestation of anti-Islam moves and opposition to Islam.

Addressing the Tehran International Conference on ‘The Holocaust Global Vision’ here on Tuesday, Mahmoud Mojtaba Khan, who is a New Delhi University professor, said the US plans for the region are in full compliance with the Zionists programs and objectives.

He said Zionists, Americans and Europeans have now united to encounter Islamic vigilance in the region.

Mojtaba Khan described Zionism as a political ideology linked to a greater imperialistic plan which has been designed to help Christianity and Judaism continue their hegemony in the world of Islam, the Middle-East in particular.

He also stated that followers of Judaism and Christianity have, unfortunately, fabricated their religions instead of deepening their faiths, and pointed out, “Followers of the said two religions are now seeking to struggle against Islam and destroy it.”

The Indian professors cited establishment of the Jewish colony by Britain in Palestine as an official proclamation of the very fact that the Judaism and Christianity were politicized by their followers in a bid to strike a blow at Islam.

The international conference dubbed ‘The Holocaust, Global Vision’ kicked off work here on Monday in an attempt to examine the issue in the presence of the pros and cons and in an unrestricted atmosphere.

The two-day conference organized by the Foreign Ministry’s Institute for Political and International Studies (IPIS) has drawn 67 foreign researchers from 30 world countries.

‘The Holocaust, Modern Outlooks’, ‘The Holocaust, Statistical Figures and Realities’, ‘The Holocaust, Historical Documents’, ‘Nazism, The Holocaust and Zionism’, ‘The Holocaust, Effects and Consequences’ and ‘The Holocaust, Global Vision’ comprise the main topics to be discussed by participants in 6 consequent sessions with full respect for Judaism and away from any kind of political tendency or propaganda.

The conference is also attended by chief rabbis from different world countries, including the US.

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  1. Hello Yaakov,In 1981 or 1982 you gave a talk in Rehovot where I was living at the time. I had been loinokg so forward to attending, but then had to miss it due to illness. I never overcame my disappointment.Now I live too far away (Europe) but we have the Internet. Any chance your talk on Friday will be filmed and aired on your site or Youtube?Best wishes,Mira

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