A Call For The Muslim Ummah To Unite Against Israel

For over 50 years Israel has used superior military to bully Muslims, and and recently they have attacked Gaza and Beirut, Lebanon, destroying bridges, power plants and civilian infrastructure. This must now stop.

We call upon all the nations of Islam to forget your differences and unite to organise a military response against Israel. Drive Israel back from the occupied lands that rightfully belong to our Muslim brothers and sisters. Take back Jerusalem that was once a part of Islam.

An attack on Israel on all fronts with a large mobile force backed by air power, in a fast and effective manner before Western forces can intervene is critical.

Those Muslim brothers and sisters that hear this message, please pass this onto the leadership of your nations. All Muslims must now make a united stand against Israel.

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  1. theres only 6 milion or so israeli,yet muslim are all scare to take action.worst come worst,the hamas and fatah arent unite at all.the muslim still missing one key element,that is a khalifah to unite us all together under a stable rule.

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