America’s Outrageous Meddling In Palestine

Khalid Amayreh

At a time when the Bush administration is utterly unable or unwilling to get Nazi-like Israel to remove even a single roadblock in the West Bank, the US government appears hell-bent on stoking up the fire of civil war in Palestine.

Earlier this week, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said she would ask Congress for “tens of millions of dollars” to “strengthen the security forces” of PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas.

But strengthen Abbas against whom? Against Israel which is savaging Palestinians and occupying their country and gravely violating their human, civil, political and national rights? Or perhaps they want to strengthen him so that his ’ strengthened “security forces would force Israel to dismantle the gigantic wall it has built in the heart of Palestinian population centers for the purpose of stealing more and more Palestinian land for Jewish settlement expansion?

Well, everybody knows why the mendacious American administration is seeking to strengthen Abbas. It is simply trying to do in Palestine what it has done in Iraq , Lebanon , Somalia and Afghanistan to mention just a few countries.

America is seeking nothing short of sparking off the flames of civil war in Palestine in order to promote and expedite Zionist ambitions and, consequently, abort Palestinian aspirations for freedom and independence from Jewish imperialism.

It is very lamentable (and shameful), indeed, that Abbas and his coterie of sycophants and hangers-on are putting their trust where it shouldn’t be, namely in the Bush administration and this deceitful Rice.

When will they realize that the US , not Hamas, is the Palestinian people’s tormentor?

Didn’t Rice instruct John Bolton just two weeks ago to veto a UN Security Council resolution that would have condemned Israeli massacres in Beit Hanoun?

Didn’t this callous, sadistic Rice, only a few weeks ago, publicly congratulate her Israeli counterpart, Tsipi Livni, on succeeding in pushing hundreds of thousands, probably millions, of Palestinians to the brink of starvation?

And finally, didn’t these stupid so-called leaders understand the meaning of Rice’s incessant and aggressive demand that Abbas and Fatah not join any national unity government with Hamas?

My God, when will they realize that nothing good could ever come from America , the empire of evil that killed over a million Iraqi children in order to punish one man, Saddam Hussein. And just look what America has done in Iraq following its invasion and occupation and destruction of that Arab country.!!

America , as we all know, has been making so-called “peace initiatives” from the mid 1950s and classifying the leaders and governments in this Arab-Muslim Middle East into extremists and moderates.

But what have these so-called “moderates” got from America in return for acting as mercenaries and betraying their own people? Did the successive American administrations ever succeed in getting Israel to remove one Jewish settlement outpost from our land, to stop the demolition of even one Palestinian home, or to stop the bulldozing of even one Palestinian olive grove?

If Abbas and cohorts realize this, why are they then harrowing after the American mirage? Why are they so blindly and so willfully stepping on the same trap that smashed our feet and broke our backs many times? Are they so gullible, so stupid and so demoralized that they are allowing themselves to be duped again and again and again by the American devil?

America doesn’t want peace in Palestine , America , which is controlled from head to toe by diabolical Zionist lobbies, can’t really achieve peace in Palestine . America has had more than fifty years to achieve peace, even when Israel was weaker and the Arab world was stronger than they are now. In short, America is part of the problem, not part of the solution.

I am sure that Abbas and company understand this in the bottom of their hearts. But, if so, why are they placing all their eggs in the American basket? Haven’t they learned the lesson of Yasser Arafat’s experience with the Americans and Israel .

Arafat recognized Israel, revoked the Palestinian National Charter, kissed the hands of Yitzhak Rabin’s wife’s hands, and established “state security courts” in his police state without a state in order to swiftly punish the “enemies of peace” with Israel. He even ordered these “enemies of peace” tortured and imprisoned, all for the sake of obtaining a certificate of good conduct from the criminals and thieves in Tel Aviv and their supporters, protectors and allies in Washington .

And what did he receive in return for all this “good will” which bordered on hypocrisy and sycophancy? They besieged him in his own office in Ramallah for three years before finally killing him by poison.

I am not asking Abbas to fly in the face of America , or even Israel . He is too coy and too obsequious to do so. However, He must at least uphold the Palestinian constants and refuse to be at America ’s beck and call at the expense of our enduring cause and our inalienable and legitimate rights.

He must resist and reject all this American meddling in Palestinian internal affairs, including American money and American weapons that everyone knows are meant to set Palestine on fire, a fire that would, God forbid, cause civil war in every Palestinian town, every Palestinian street, if not in every Palestinian clan and family.

Yes, Mr. Abbas. The White House and State Department spokespersons would wholesomely praise you for “showing leadership” and “strength” vis-à-vis Hamas? But then what would you do with all the praise in the world if you lost your people and killed their cause, while making Israel, the occupier of our national patrimony and tormentor of our people, truly gleeful and mesmerized with satisfaction at seeing Palestinian blood, a lot of Palestinian blood, shed by Palestinian hands.

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  1. All Americans are not happy (I For one)about what is happening to Palestinian people. I think what Israel is doing to the people of the Middle East, is atrocious. I only have one vote, and I use it. But for whom do you vote.
    Feeling helpless in the USA

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