Earn Today With AGLOCO

I am a member of AGLOCO. It has a goal of reaching 10,000,000 Members by July 1st.

Here is why I would like you to consider joining:

1. AGLOCO pays you, as an Internet user, your fair share of the value created while you surf.
2. The AGLOCO’s free software puts you in control of what arrives on your screen and what data you allow outsiders to collect.
3. AGLOCO is a 100% Member owned company which rewards the members who help build the company. It never costs anything to be a member

AGLOCO is only four weeks old and it has already signed up tens of thousands of members and has created enormous Internet ‘buzz’ (over 700,000 pages in Google’s search talk about AGLOCO).

AGLOCO is not a ‘get rich’ quick scheme. Every additional member raises the value of all the Members, so we all get more if you join.

It is free to join and membership never costs anything. Click here to read more and sign up now.


  1. doesnt sound too convincing, what does this agloco do actually? Because this is important to determine its viability, is it somekind of Pay to surf program or a datamining software? is agloco spying on your web traffic or keylogging your activities?

  2. Agloco is actually a pay-to-surf program. They’ve modified many things that didn’t work in the past. For example, now there’s a maximum limit for paid-surfing – 5hrs for a whole week. This means that there is no such thing as “the more you surf the more you make”.

    If you surf 5 hours a week, only the 5 hours will be accounted for.

    So how do you really make the money? By referring more people. The more people you have registered under you, the more commissions you get from the maximization of people surfing 5 hours per week under you.

    If you like my explanation please register under me with this link: http://www.agloco.com/r/BBBB5281

    One thing has to be said though, currently the Agloco’s ViewBar which is the program that calculates your surfing hours is in limited beta testing, so majority of us can’t make money through surfing as of yet.

    What we can do now is to gather membership, so in time when the ViewBar is ready for download, we can all enjoy the benefits of this program.

    To read more about the company please read TechCrunch’s review of their program: http://www.techcrunch.com/2006.....se-agloco/

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