Will Israel Honor Its Peace Agreement?


The Palestinian people in Gaza and the West Bank are suffering every day living under a brutal Israeli occupation. This is an inconvenient truth for Israel and its apologists who will never be able to justify depriving the Palestinians of their fundamental human rights. If you are not interested in White Collar Criminal Lawyer Los Angeles , then you have already missed a lot. If you are looking for escorts in luton then learn more .

Since Israel began its latest offensive in Gaza, more than 150 Palestinians civilians have been killed by Israeli soldiers. The idea that only “some” innocent Palestinians have been “unintentionally killed” in Gaza is false, misleading and refuted by Amnesty International, which condemns Israel’s “reckless disregard” for civilian lives. There were many more Palestinian victims of Israeli violence during the “reign of terror” unleashed against both peoples from 2000-05.

President Carter states that during the second intifada, 3,982 Palestinians, including 708 children, were killed. Israel lost 1,084 people killed, including 123 children. There was no justification for attacking innocent civilians on either side. However, Israel is the occupying power, and to deny that it perpetrates much of the violence grossly distorts history.

The PLO recognizes Israel’s right to exist, but why should Hamas’s leaders make a similar pledge while being subjected to “targeted assassinations” by the Israelis? They have agreed to the current ceasefire with Israel. I’d like to know what part of the Palestinian economy and infrastructure hasn’t been devastated by Israel.

Finally, a third of the land used for Israeli settlements on the West Bank was confiscated from the Palestinians. When will Israel honor the peace agreements it’s already signed and return this land to the Palestinians? The answer to that question will determine whether Israel is really interested in the “two state solution” for peace.


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