America And The Founding Of Israel: An Investigation Of The Morality Of America’s Role


America and the Founding of Israel: An Investigation of the Morality of America’s Role is well written, with a chronological account in detail followed by a concise summary of the moral issues that are pertinent and how what has been examined relates to them. John Mulhall writes about the sensitive issues surrounding America and the founding of the state of Israel is a straight from the shoulder way. With excellent documentation and quotes from people who had major influence in the events that have shaped our present-day situation, we are presented with American politics that have long escaped attention and public scrutiny.

Chapter 1 discusses the Bible a deed of ownership to Palestine. Conservatives say that the Bible does give Palestine to the twelve tribes of Israel. Biblical reductionists question the historicity of the Bible and so the claim of conservatives. But what is really important is international law and on this the Bible cannot give rights. Chapter 2 considers the moral hereditary right of Jews to Palestine. Mulhull says that there have been Jews in Canaan for the last 3200 years. With only a couple of notable exceptions (in 352 AD and 555 AD), there has been no serious attempt to establish a Jewish state in Palestine and prior to the establishment of the state of Israel, there were more Arabs than Jews in Palestine. In Chapter 3, he writes about the right to immigrate. Theodore Herzl urged Jews to immigrate to a land of their own. But in the early 20th century, some Palestinian Arabs figured out the Zionists intent of statehood.

In short, the author keeps his head cool and the reader benefits, learning how America, trying to do right for one people, supported doing wrong to another people. Mulhall is not presenting America and the Founding of Israel: An Investigation of the Morality of America’s Role with an agenda of his own. Rather he writes to present the issues involved in this debate.

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