Israel May Opt For U.S.-made Missile Over Own Arrow System

Israel to buy more weapons courtesy of the United States of America.

In recent months Israel and the United States have discussed the possibility of an Israel acquiring the American-made missile defense system THAAD, instead of developing a new generation of the indigenous Arrow defense missile.

Israeli decision-makers will have to make up their minds in the coming year whether to commit to acquiring the American weapon system or invest in the development of a more advanced Arrow.

The American THAAD (Theater High-Altitude Area Defense), developed more than a decade ago, and whose mission is similar to that of the Arrow, failed in initial testing and the timetable for the completion of its development has been delayed on a number of occasions. However, in 2006 the system passed a number of critical tests, including the interception of targets simulating enemy missiles.

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  1. Buy? Yeah right. They decided it was cheaper to get it free from the US than develop their own. If they need extra cash now they can alway sell the technology to the Chinese. The “americans” involved with this transfer are treasonous by every definition of the word.

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