Palestinian PM Ismail Haniyeh: Israeli Leaders Criminal Conduct Throughout The Past Decades Against The Palestinian People. Why Are They Not Punished?

The Palestine PM, Ismail Haniyeh criticized in an interview with the Palestinian leading news-agency, Ramattan, the hanging of the former President Saddam Hussein – he said that “one of the dimensions of the execution was political” and it has deeply touched the feelings of the Muslim communities as it was effected in the Muslim Eid Al-Adha.

Ismail Haniyeh, just returned from his pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia said “many oppressors who have exercised all forms of persecution against peoples would not have been brought to justice – had there been justice in dealing with the file of president Saddam Hussein? – Where is the international justice towards what many Israeli leaders have been exercising throughout the past decades against the Palestinian people?”

The Prime Minister called the Palestinians from Mecca to unite firmly against the hard challenges “This is the message of the pilgrims – and we, from this hallowed place stress the importance of the national unity,” he said.

When asked about the swap deal agreed by the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Israel’s Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, Haniyeh said “the agreement brought about nothing new”- and that there were no new results regarding the issue of the prisoners.

Haniyeh also slammed the Israeli government as saying that, “the Israelis show no concern with ending the long suffering of the prisoners.”The Israeli stand is arrogant that is based on procrastination, with aim of gaining time.”Haniyeh accused rightly the Israelis of making advantages of any meeting with an Arab leader to salvage its slumping general relations and to rescue the decreasing approval ratings of its Prime Minister which he got by his government’s weak show against the militias of Hezbollah.

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