Israel Doubts On Settlements Legality

Israel keeps on building the settlements, in contravention of international law, and nothing is being done about it. Will no one in the international community listen?

“The settlement is built on our land,” says Mr Zidane, referring to the Jewish settlement Bet El, whose red-roofed houses can be seen from his general store.

“I’m angry that my land has been stolen. How would you feel if someone came to your home and took your land?”

According to a report released late last year by the Israeli campaign group Peace Now, Mr Zidane is not alone.

Nearly 40% of the Jewish settlements in the West Bank are built on privately owned Palestinian land, the report states.

Peace Now accuses the government of building settlements on land that has been “effectively stolen”.

Under international law, all Israel’s settlements – home to about 430,000 Jews – in the West Bank and East Jerusalem are illegal, although Israel disputes this.

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