Israel Sees Possible Regional War In 2007

Israeli Military Intelligence chief Brig-Gen. Amos Yadlin forsees regional war this year. A good year to defeat Israel once and for all, perhaps?

In its strategic assessment for 2007, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) sees a further deterioration of regional stability and greatly increased chances of full-scale war with both Syria and Lebanon’s Hezbollah.

Military Intelligence chief Brig.-Gen. Amos Yadlin delivered the assessment to the parliamentary Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee on Tuesday, reported Ha’aretz.

Yadlin noted that “dozens to hundreds” of Al Qaeda operatives have arrived in Lebanon in recent months with the intent of destabilizing the area and sparking further conflict with Israel in the wake of last summer’s Lebanon war.

A senior IDF official cited by news agencies on Wednesday said that the army’s strategic assessment also sees Iran crossing the technological threshold in its nuclear research, enabling the Islamic Republic to begin production of nuclear weapons with little or no additional outside aid.

“The axis of evil in the region is gaining strength, and global jihad elements are moving into the region,” said the official.

He went on to caution that the IDF’s budget for 2007 is about $2 billion short of what is needed to effectively deal with these mounting threats.

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