Israel Mobster’s Plea Bargain Approved In US

A criminal state will churn out criminals.

A Florida court approved on Tuesday the plea bargain according to which Israel underworld kingpin Zeev Rosenstein will be convicted of conspiring to commit a crime and serve 12 years in an Israel prison.

Tel Aviv District Police’s central unit had tried to put its hands on Rosenstein for some 20 years, and the mobster was eventually detained following a joint investigation by Israel Police and American law enforcement agencies over suspicions that he attempted to distribute a million Ecstasy tablets.

The affair that ended with Rosenstein’s capture began in July 2001 when two Israeli citizens, David Roash and Yisrael Ashkenazi, were arrested in New York for possession of a million Ecstasy tablets (worth an estimated USD 40 million) and a large sum of money. During the interrogation the two said they had been sent by Rosenstein and his associates to distribute the drugs.

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