Carter: Book On Israel-Palestine Conflict Has Prompted Discussion

Former US President Jimmy Carter’s book on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict evokes debate, even after months it was first published.

Jimmy Carter was greeted with applause and a few dozen demonstrators on Tuesday as he spoke at a historically Jewish college where he acknowledged that his new book on the Middle East has “caused great concern in the Jewish community.”

He also said the book has prompted discussion of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The uproar over “Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid” has been going on for several months and recently prompted 14 members of an advisory board at the former president’s international-affairs think tank, the Carter Center, to resign in protest over the book.

The Nobel Peace Prize winner received a standing ovation at the beginning and end of his remarks at Brandeis University, where the terms of his appearance had been a focus of controversy after Carter declined to debate Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz, a critic of his book.

Carter gave a brief address to Brandeis University students and faculty, and later responded to 15 questions selected in advance. He responded to criticism of his book and discussed his efforts as president for peace in the Middle East.

“With my use of apartheid, I realize this has caused great concern in the Jewish community. The title makes it clear,” Carter said.

“I can certainly see now it would provoke some harsh feelings. I chose that title knowing that it would be provocative, but in the long run it has precipitated discussion and there has been a lot of positive discussion.”

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