Government Of Israel Rife With Scandals

It will be very interesting to see where all this will lead to.

Few democratic countries are able to completely avoid having the bad odor of corruption rise every so often off the body politic. But the citizens of Israel must be wondering these days what in heaven’s name is going on in their country, founded on the mightiest of ideals.

Right now, the government of Israel seems at times like an application list for a rogues’ gallery.

The prime minister is under investigation for allegedly helping friends in a bank deal; members of his inner office have been arrested in an ugly tax scandal; the president is being investigated on sex-abuse charges, the former justice minister for sexual harassment, and the finance minister for embezzlement; and charges may soon be brought against the defense minister – and head of the Labor Party – for illegal vote-getting. And the list goes on. In addition, two key members of the out-of-power Likud Party also are under investigation.

Is Israel suffering an acute breakdown in government morality? Is this a problem that has been around since the beginning and is just now getting more attention? Or is Israel, in fact, a country where government oversight and the country’s laws are tougher on official wrongdoing than elsewhere?

“Only democracy”, my arse.

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