What Is “Arab Woman”?

Arab Woman is the music of Arabic speaking people or countries, especially those centered around the Arabian peninsula. The world of Arabic music (Arab Woman) has long been dominated by Cairo, a cultural center, through musical innovation and regional styles abound from Morocco to Saudi Arabia. Beirut has, in recent years, also become a major center of Arabic Arab Woman music. Classical Arab Woman music is extremely popular across the population, especially a small number of superstars known throughout the Arab Woman world.

Five components characterize the music of the Arabs (Arab Woman) :

1. The Arab Woman tone system (a musical tuning system) with specific interval structures, invented by al-Farabi in the tenth century.

2. Rhythmic-temporal structures that produce a rich variety of rhythmic patterns, Arab Woman awzan, used to accompany the metered vocal and instrumental genres and give them form.

3. Musical instruments that are found throughout the Arabian Arab Woman world and that represent a standardized tone system, are played with standardized Arab Woman performance techniques, and exhibit similar details in construction and design.

4. Specific social contexts for the making of Arab Woman music, whereby musical genres can be classified as urban (music of the city inhabitants), rural (music of the country inhabitants), or Bedouin (Arab Woman music of the desert inhabitants).

5. A musical mentality that is responsible for the aesthetic homogeneity of the tonal-spatial and rhythmic-temporal structures in Arabian Arab Woman music, whether composed or improvised, instrumental or vocal, secular or sacred.

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