Israel’s Olmert Is Questioned In Probe Of War With Lebanon

Ehud Olmert facing the book over his war crimes in Lebanon. He has certainly much to account for, indeed. Seems that he can no longer boast about a “victory” in Lebanese soil now.

Prime Minister Olmert of Israel spent hours yesterday testifying before the commission investigating Israel’s conduct during its much-criticized war in Lebanon over the summer.

The Winograd commission was appointed in the fall to try to reconstruct the government’s decisions during the war with Lebanon’s Hezbollah guerrillas and to determine if anyone should be censured.

The government has been criticized for failing to meet its two main objectives — destroying Hezbollah and returning two Israeli soldiers whose capture by the guerrillas sparked the war. Reserve soldiers returning from the battlefield also complained of poor preparations and lack of food and ammunition.

Well we all know that the two soldiers were never returned and Hizbullah is not only alive and well, they are attempting to kick out the current government in Beirut.

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