President Mahmoud Abbas (Fatah) Letter To Ismail Haniya (Hamas)

The following is the text of the letter from president Mahmud Abbas asking Hamas premier Ismail Haniya to form a new government.


In my capacity as chairman of the PLO Executive Committee and President of the Palestinian National Authority and after reviewing the Basic Law and based on the authorities vested in me:

First: I commission you to form the next Palestinian government within the set period as stipulated in the Basic Law.

Second: after concluding the formation of the government and presenting it to us, the government will be presented to the Palestinian Legislative Council to get the confidence vote.

Third: I call upon you as PM of the next government to abide by the interests of the Palestinian people and to preserve their rights and maintain their accomplishments and develop them and work on achieving their national goals as ratified by the resolutions of the Palestinian National Council (the PLO’s legislative body) meetings and the Basic Law articles and the national conciliation document and Arab summit resolutions and based on this, I call upon you to respect the Arab and international legitimacy resolutions and agreements signed by the PLO.

May God help you in your steps and duties.

Sharing of ministries

The preliminary agreement on the distribution of ministerial portfolios reads as follows:

— The current PM Ismail Hanieh shall assume the PM post in the national unity government.

— President Abbas shall appoint a deputy PM.

— Ziad Abu Amr (Independent) shall be appointed as Minister for Foreign Affairs.

— Salam Fayyad (Independent) shall be appointed as Finance Minister.

— Hamas will nominate an independent figure for the Interior Ministry on condition that President Abbas approves to this nomination.

— Hamas will get eight ministries: Education and Higher Education, Islamic Waqf, Labour, Local Government, Youth and Sports, Justice, Telecommunications and Information Technology, Economy, and a state minister.

— Hamas will also name an independent figure to the Planning Ministry and another independent figure as state minister.

— Fatah will get six ministries: Health, Social Affairs, Public Works, Transportation, Agriculture and Prisoners Affairs.

— Fatah will name the Minister for Foreign Affairs (Ziad Abu Amr) and an independent figure as state minister.

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