An EULA With Morales

This software is copyright.

By using this software you agree to obey the following license conditions:

* You can’t make money using this software as part of a baseball simulation. This is for contractual reasons. But you can make as much money as you like using it for anything else.

* You may not use this software directly or indirectly for any military purpose. This includes, but is not limited to, training, research and development, controlling military hardware, directing military personel, or troop entertainment. You may not use this software anywhere on a military base or vessel. This applies to all versions of PIE.

* You may not export this software to Israel, or use it in Israel (including the occupied territories), until Israel has ended its occupation of the West Bank, Gaza Strip, Lebanon, Syria, and anywhere else it may occupy. If you try to run it in Israel it will give you an error.

* Missionaries may not use this software. It may not be used for any missionary purpose. Or any other genocidal purpose.

* You may not use this software to cheat at online or multiplayer games. What constitutes cheating depends on the game and the server. Just using a different input device shouldn’t be considered cheating, but complex scripted actions to make things easier may be considered cheating. Don’t get GlovePIE banned, or you will hurt everyone who wants to play with a VR glove. But feel free to cheat at single player!

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