Israelis Want Rematch In Lebanon

Round 1 went to Hizbullah, with the shameful defeat of the Zionist forces by giving them a bloody nose. Now the IAF (Israeli Aggression Forces) are itching for a Round 2. It seems that they have not learnt their lesson!

Analysis: Israelis want rematch in Lebanon
Shaun Waterman
UPI Homeland and National Security Editor

April 4, 2007

WASHINGTON — It seems as though some Israeli military and political leaders are champing at the bit for a rematch with Hezbollah in southern Lebanon after the bloody nose the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) got there last summer.

The difference this time around? The IDF will go into Gaza, too – and it is all part of a plan to neutralize Iranian proxies on Israel’s borders, one element of a strategic effort to prevent Iran getting nuclear weapons and overthrow the mullahs in Tehran.

The plan was laid out in Washington last month by Effie Eitam, a hawkish former general and darling of the orthodox hard right who now leads a small religious splinter group in the Knesset.

But Eitam is also head of the Knesset subcommittee overseeing the IDF’s lessons-learned exercise following the disastrous IDF operation in southern Lebanon last year, and on this issue, some analysts say, he speaks for a significant current of opinion within the Israeli military.

What he has to say might sound scary to US ears.

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