PA Angry Over Merkel’s “pro-Israel” Stance

European leaders like Angela Merkel are pro-Israeli. They champion Israel’s interest without looking into the plight of Palestinians who have been suffering under occupation since 1948. It is ironic that Israel is portrayed as the “victim” when it has always been Palestinians who have been suffering.

PA angry over Merkel’s ‘pro-Israel’ stance
By israelinsider staff and partners
April 4, 2007

The Palestinian Authority wants German Chancellor Angela Merkel to adopt a position more sympathetic to the Arab side.

In order to shift her from her perceived pro-Israel position, high-ranking PA officials Monday employed the tried and tested technique of expressing outrage at the top of their voices, but doing so anonymously so that their unprecedented accusations against a European leader would not lead to a diplomatic crisis.

According to reports in the Israeli press, the PA leadership was incensed by Merkel’s behavior during her visit to Ramallah, where she met with PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas on Monday.

An unnamed official was quoted in The Jerusalem Post as saying she had done “everything to provoke the Palestinians [sic] during her visit.”

Merkel had shown “no understanding for the plight of our people [but] appeared to be very biased toward Israel,” he griped.

The list of complaints against Merkel was a long one.

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