Palestinian FM: Israel Not Ready For Peace Talks

Palestinian FM is only stating the obvious. Israel is not ready for peace talks at all. They can only talk about peace but things on the ground, in the West Bank and Gaza, are very much the opposite of the reality Israel is talking about.

Palestinian FM: Israel not ready for peace talks
Wed, 04 Apr 2007 22:14:12

The Palestinian foreign minister says Israel’s prime minister is not going to start “serious negotiations” with Arabs to find a peaceful solution to the Middle East conflict.

“I think Olmert is not prepared to take part in serious negotiations with the Arab side,” Abu Amr told a press conference after meeting his Austrian counterpart Ursula Plassnik in Vienna on Wednesday.

“Whoever does not accept this initiative is not really interested in peace in the Middle East,” Abu Amr added.

The five-year-old peace initiative, revived last week by the Arab League, is a “good basis for peace, for a comprehensive peace,” he said.

Olmert asked Arab leaders to invite him to a summit to discuss a revived Saudi-drafted peace plan but the Arab League Tuesday said Israel is seeking normalized ties with the Palestinian government without making concessions.

Arab League secretary general Amr Musa said the call was not “serious”, adding that Israel wants “normalization of ties for free.”

The initiative calls on Israel to withdraw from all land seized in 1967 and allow the return of Palestinian refugees to their homes.

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