Palestinians Urge Israel To Seize “historic Opportunity” For Peace

Any chance of that happening anytime soon? We certainly doubt so! The occupation is still going on, the Apartheid Wall is still up and Palestinians are suffering.

UNITED NATIONS: The Palestinians urged Israel on Wednesday to seize a “historic opportunity” to negotiate peace without preconditions but Israel refused, accusing the Palestinian government of flaunting basic principles for peace and waging a “campaign of terror.”

Riyad Mansour, the Palestinian U.N. observer, told the U.N. Security Council that the formation of a Palestinian government of national unity and the relaunch of the Arab Peace Initiative adopted at an Arab summit in 2002 offered “a window of opportunity” to move forward and revive the peace process.

This “historic opportunity … should not be lost like so many before it,” he said. “On the Palestinian side, we are willing and ready, and President (Mahmoud) Abbas, with support and a mandate from all Palestinian political groups, is prepared to negotiate unconditionally final status issues.”

“If there is a partner for peace on the Israeli side to negotiate with us without conditions, we are ready,” Mansour said.

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  1. You seriously ecexpt a “do whatever the polls say” guy like Obama to say something negative about Israel?Seriously?!?Never, ever gonna happen. Ever.Even criticizing the actions themselves won’t work — as I’ve been informed even by some commenters on these sites, demanding an end to indiscriminate bombing of civilians by BOTH sides apparently makes one the love child of Hitler and Stalin.

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