Essam Younis: Israel Commits War Crimes In Palestine

GAZA, Palestine, May 31, 2007 (IPC) – – The Director of Al-Mezan Center for Human Rights, Essam Younis said that the targeted killings practiced by the Israeli occupation forces could not be justified without a fair trial, pointing out that Israel is committing war crimes against the Palestinian People and put itself above the law.

Younis explained, in a special interview with the International Press Center (IPC) at the State Information Services (SIS), that killing of number of citizens perpetrated by IOF in each of Rafah, Jenin and Ramallah, was neither the first incident nor the last, because there was a long series of premeditated murder and cold-blooded murder,

“I want to recall an incident that formed a very important to show lies of the Israeli internal security service relating to the issue of bus No. 300 in the year 1984, when IOF arrested two Palestinian militants, the Israeli internal security service claimed that all members of the Palestinian group were killed during the clashes, but later found that two of the resistance fighters were liquidated after having been arrested,” Younis explained.

The director of the center affirmed that this type of murder is considered as war crimes in accordance with the rules of international law.

“Here we are talking about a war crime. After the arrest of a person by an enemy, he deemed to be treated like a war prisoner in accordance with international conventions, so Israel has systematically violated all rules of international law, Therefore, we agree that the actions practiced by Israel are part of a series and rise to war crimes. ” he added.

Regarding the assassination operations by bombing and others, said Younis, it is similar in the description of the death outside the scope of law or fair trial and the judiciary, pointing out that such killings can not be justified in any form.

As for the international community and its role over the Israeli attacks, Younis said: “We believe that the international community accomplices in a large part of what happens, so that in the worst case, there is a political cover for the crimes committed by occupation, such as the United States of America through the voting in the Security Council in favor of Israel and through direct support and equality between the victim and the executioner. ”

“There is a conspiracy of silence towards what is happening, as everyone knew what is or was done by Israelis which is considered as war crimes, and we are not talking here only about the duties must be carried out by the international community and international law given by the international community, we must move to practice pressure on Israel to stop its aggression on the Palestinian people in accordance with the legal rules accepted by their adherence to international conventions,” he added.

For the role of international organizations, Younis said that there were international organizations had and still play an important role to expose the Israeli crimes, and practice pressure on the state of occupation and the international community to complete his legal and moral obligations to civilians in the Palestinian territories. He added: “The international civil society elated millions against the war on Iraq , but millions still stand in line for supporting the Palestinian people and their cause in many conditions.”

He pointed out that there is an enormous work will be carried out in very different parts of the world through solidarity with the Palestinian people.

In his reply over the role of the Palestinian institutions within the state of internal fighting between the Palestinian factions, Younis concluded that “there was an internal fighting, a state of lawlessness, a situation almost to the collapse of values and relations’ system in the Palestinian society, in addition to ongoing aggression on the Palestinian people in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, adding: “Since all these things have its effects on the Patriotism institutions, There is much work.”

“Where do we begin, what is the priority, the occupation, internal fighting or disturbance” Younis wondered.

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