Renew Support For Palestine Appeal

MANAMA, JUNE 12, (BNA) Bahrain society in support of Palestine called for rejuvenating commitment to the Arab Palestinian cause and mustering up fresh support to the Palestinian people by raising money for development projects in Palestine.

In a statement marking the 40th anniversary of Quds occupation, the Society highlighted the Judaization policies and stifling Apartheid Wall aimed at stripping Al Quds from its Arab identity, holding it captive and fragmenting it. The illegal and unbridled influx of Jews into Palestine are meant to displace Palestinians and deprive them of their fundamental rights as well as Judaize the city’s religious sanctities, the Society noted. The Arab-named Al Buraq Wall was forgely renamed as “The Weeping Wall” while the unabated and continuous digging threatens to pull down Al Aqsa Mosque which is also subject to explosive device attacks and forceful incursions and runs the risk of having part of it confiscated and allocated for Jewish prayers, the Society added.

Since 1967, the Israeli occupation forces have been tightening their strangehold on Al Quds by building around 30 settlements in its environs in a bid to create a Jewish majority by displacing Palestinian indigenous citizens and trying to efface their identity, the Society explained. Given its highly-venerated Islamic sanctities, topped by Al Aqsa Mosque, Al Quds will remain a stronghold of resistance and a beacon of home for liberation that keeps inspiring the coming generations, the statement asserted.

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