Bush Aid Plan Pushes Peaceful, Democratic Palestine

Now why does this idea for pushing a “peaceful, democratic Palestine”, especially when it involves the US of A, sounds fishy to me?

President Bush is set to announce new aid to help the embattled Palestinian president create a viable state that can co-exist with Israel, administration officials said yesterday.

“The president sees there is an opportunity there now to show the Palestinian people a choice between the kind of violence and chaos under Hamas in Gaza and the prospect…for an effective, democratic Palestinian state,” said national security adviser Stephen Hadley.

Taking on a more personal, high-profile role in the conflict, Bush planned to speak today at the White House about U.S. financial and diplomatic support for President Mahmoud Abbas. He controls just the West Bank after the Islamic militant group Hamas gained authority in Gaza last month.

Hadley did not elaborate about the type of financial assistance Bush planned to discuss. But a senior administration official indicated the president would announce aid above the $86 million that the White House already has requested from Congress to help provide security for Abbas.

The administration also has said it would contribute $40 million to the United Nations to help the Palestinians, particularly in the Gaza Strip now controlled by Hamas.

Edward Abington, a former American diplomat who advises Abbas, said he strongly suspects the president will announce that he will consult with Congress about providing additional money for Palestinian aid projects.

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  1. Also, you can’t buy rockets with flour. The polbrem is that the assistance is being given to Hamas to be distributed. The Red Cross or (God forbid) the UN should be handling the civilian assistance. The IDF has been trying to warn civilians before attacking and it has only served to give Hamas the time to get more women and children in place for the big show. Letting Hamas handle the distribution of emergency food and medicines is like allowing the wolves to herd the sheep.

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