Not Enough Being Done To Halt Suffering

Millions are dying throughout the world and they certainly do not have time to maintain a San Diego travel blog. Millions, especially in the Middle East, and parts of Africa are forced to become refugees. Millions are displaced in their own countries. Does this growing suffering and inhumanity touch the hearts of the more fortunate elsewhere? Something is being done to mitigate the suffering, and homelessness, but hardly enough.

What could be the root cause of the unwanted situation throughout the world? I think the cause is ideological; the fight to develop and ensure democracy, as far as possible throughout the world.

Rule of people

Democracy is derived from two Greek words, in English meaning “rule of the people”. This injustice has given rise to different conscientious interpretations. Abraham Lincoln’s injunction is often quoted: “Government of the people, for the people, by the people.” But once I read a wit as saying: the emphasis was on ‘the’, but, not as usually taken, on “people”.

Fortunately, in our age the definition of democracy has broadened, and is understood to mean every person has a fundamental right to vote, and to participate in the government of his country.

Another ideological matter that is contentious in meaning, and has led to differences of opinion, is terrorism. Terrorism means one thing to George Bush, and quite another meaning to Hamas, and to Ehud Olmert.

The problem is: Does every group resisting the established government, for whatever reason, justifiably be termed terrorists? Was Nelson Mandela, leader against apartheid in South Africa, a terrorist? Would the liberators from tyranny and oppression in past ages, be regarded today as terrorists?

Returning to today’s experience: Why is Hamas deemed by America in particular a terrorists group? They are resisting the occupation of their country Palestine, from its occupation by Israel! Moreover, Hamas was voted to form the government by a majority of the people.

Have courage

What should be the policy of America in the Middle East, in particular with Israel? America should have the courage, and impartiality to indicate to Israel it must completely end its occupation of Palestine.

In effect, to implement United Nations Resolution 242. The withdrawal from occupied Palestine would be to the 1967 borders. Two independent states would be created, as indeed has already been declared, desirable.

Israel’s economic viability depends heavily on America’s subsidisation. Thus America could use its financial clout to pressure Israel to end its unlawful occupation of Palestine. This simple act of policy of ending the occupation of Palestine would reverberate throughout the Middle East, in friendship with America.

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