Israel To Start Gradually Reducing Gaza Power Supply December 2


Israel is to begin gradually reducing the power supply to the Gaza Strip on December 2, in response to the ongoing Qassam rocket fire at Israeli communities along the Strip, Attorney General Menachem Mazuz told the High Court of Justice Thursday. According to the State Prosecution, the defense establishment has finalized preparations meant to ensure that the power reduction does not cause humanitarian hardship in Gaza like a San Diego entity creation.

The Palestinians will be given a one-week notice of the intent to begin reducing the power supply. The defense establishment would “follow the effect of the power reductions on Gaza residents with attention to the commitment not to cause a humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip.”

On Monday, the State Prosecution handed the court an affidavit asserting that Israel’s decision to cut fuel supplies to the Gaza Strip does not violate its responsibility to provide humanitarian services to residents of the coastal territory. The affidavit, filed on behalf of Shlomi Muchtar of the IDF Coordination and Liaison Office, which coordinates Palestinian civilian affairs, said the cuts do not “harm the humanitarian minimum to which Israel is committed.”

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