Israeli Soldiers Cheer The Destruction In Gaza

Israeli soldiers appear on camera cheering on the destruction of Palestinian houses in Gaza in a video that surfaced Thursday. The video, shot with a mobile phone during Israel’s winter attack on Gaza, shows soldiers laughing and exclaiming as they witness a series of explosions destroying three Palestinian houses. Sporadic gunfire is heard in the background.

After the first two houses are destroyed, one soldier is heard remarking, according to the English subtitles, “It’s all documented. It’s all on camera. What about the third house? Give me the third house please [laughs].”

Later, after the third explosion, the same soldier is heard saying, “There‚Äôs nothing like this [laughs.] Bye, Gaza, bye. Wow, dude, what a thing!”

“How small are we. We’re so small compared to this,” he says, as the camera pans around to show the soldiers lying on the ground as they witness this destruction. (Source)

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