Palestine Statehood

Pressure is building for a diplomatic solution between Palestinians and Israelis.

In New York, the Palestinian foreign minister voiced confidence that his delegation would muster the minimum nine votes needed to win UN Security Council support for Palestinian statehood.

Security Council resolutions need nine votes from the 15-nation body to pass, but the United States has already said it will veto the measure, which would prevent its passage.

Israeli officials who oppose the bid had said the Palestinians would have difficulty securing the minimum number needed.

Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al-Malki said: “We’re working towards it and I think we’ll manage it.

“We hope the United States will revise its position and be on the side of the majority of nations or countries who want to support the Palestinian right to have self determination and independence,” Malki said.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas plans to give UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon an application on Friday for full UN membership for a Palestinian state, setting the stage for a showdown with Israel and the United States. [

Israel, which has called for renewed direct talks with the Palestinians, opposes the UN move and says it is aimed at de-legitimising Israel. The Palestinians say their UN bid is aimed at opening the door to renewed peace talks among two equals – both of them sovereign states.

The latest round of direct negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians collapsed a year ago after Israel refused to extend a moratorium on new settlements in areas the Palestinians want for a future state.

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