Israeli Authorities Destroy Palestinian Shepherding Community In The Jordan Valley


At about 6:30 A.M. this morning, Israeli military forces and Civil Administration personnel arrived at the Palestinian community of Khirbet ‘Ein Karzaliyah in the northern Jordan Valley. They then proceeded to demolish all of the community’s buildings, thereby rendering homeless the entire population – three families comprised of 10 adults and 15 minors. The residents have been left with no shelter for themselves or their livestock in the harsh winter weather conditions. The Israeli military also demolished the only water-pipe available to the residents.

The photographs were taken by B’Tselem field researcher Atef Abu A-Rub. The first photograph [above] was taken some two weeks before the demolition, on 23.12.13, and shows the residents of Karzaliyah, ‘Atiya Fathi Kassem Bani Minieh, against the backdrop of the community. The rest of the photographs were taken on the morning of the demolition, 8.1.14. After photographing, A-Rub was detained by soldiers at the Hamra checkpoint for over an hour. He reported hearing the soldiers tell each other that he was detained because he was filming.

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